Roof Repair or Replace? Some Important Pointers for Homeowners

Roof Repair of Replace

Roof repair or replace is an important question that is usually on homeowners minds. We have a fair share of customers who ask why their roof just cant be repaired. And that they are not “ready” to replace the roof. Keeping in mind the issue, our team here at American Standard Roofing has come up with a few pointers for homeowners.

Roof Repair or Replace: Can’t It just be repaired?


The long and short of it? Yes. Almost anything can be repaired. The real question however that needs to be asked is whether the roof is actually worth repairing. Our team here at American Standard Roofing advises that sometimes repairing might not be the right way to go. If a contractors agrees to repair, homeowners must know the entire picture. Repairs have their own pros and cons. We also covered that in our previous posts.

Repairs Are Generally Not Guaranteed:

A repair typically is not guaranteed. You could have the world’s best roofer come out and patch an area. Even he will not be able to guarantee that it won’t start leaking somewhere else the next day. This is especially true if you have an older roof. It is also true for a roof that was installed improperly in the beginning. A roofing system has multiple layers. It is almost impossible to tell roof condition without lifting shingles from the top of the roof. This is because it becomes extremely hard to look at a roof and see all the places that might need a future repair.

It Can get Expensive Quickly:

Repairs costs can add up quickly. The only exception perhaps is if your roof has a substantial amount of life left. Imagine paying a roofer to keep doing repairs over and over. Our team here advises that a repair usually costs between $500 and $1500. A new roof starts around $4000 depending on the size. So what does that mean? It means that after three or four repairs, you could have bought a new roof with a 30 year warranty. That and not have to worry about paying for future repairs as well.

Things Are Not What They Seem!

First thought that pops in homeowners minds when they are told a roof replacement is costs. We have sen several customers in the beginning worrying about roof repair or replace issue simply thinking they will be ripped off because contractors will make more money. That is a not true most of the time. Important thing to note is that profit margins on repairs are generally much higher than that of whole roof replacements. That means a contractor will make more money on those three or four repairs than they would by selling you a whole new roof up front. In addition, doing repairs gives them a chances to sell you a new roof down the road whenever you are ready. This is an important point to consider when considering roof repair or replace.

When it Makes Sense to Repair:

Common Sense

Keeping in mind the above factors we explained, there are times where it makes financial sense to repair a roof instead of replace it. The two most common factors are as follows.

Size of the Roof:

If you have a very large roof, you may be able to do entry repairs before you reach the price of replacing the whole roof. In that instance, it might make sense to repair the roof a couple of times before replacing it. However, if you have a smaller roof, you should probably look into replacing the whole thing. Even if you don’t have the cash at the moment, many companies offer low interest financing. Some of them even have 0% specials if you pay the project off within a certain amount of time. We also provide great financing. Have a look here.

Age of the Roof:

Contrary to popular belief, newer roofs can leak too. Sometimes flashing comes loose and allows water to penetrate. Other times wind might blow shingles up, or animals may break in and create leaks. Whatever the reason, if you have a newer roof, you should definitely consider a repair. On the other hand, if your roof is older, it’s time to call professional roofers. Maintaining fiscal balance is key. Our advice is always weigh the pros and cons.

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Roof Replacement vs Repairs: The Inside Scoop From ASR

Roof Replacement vs Repairs

Roof Replacement vs Repairs:

This spring, the roof replacement vs repairs debate is heating up again. We see multiple homeowners and commercial business owners contemplating one or the other. Our panel of experts here at American Standard Roofing took time out to once again discuss roof replacement vs repairs debate. We will try to give our readers a fair idea of pros and cons and help them decide what route to go for.

Costs: Huge Factor

Roofing Loans

Our team explains that costs are a huge factor when it comes to roof replacement vs repairs debate. The fact of the matter is roofs are very expensive t​o replace. We have to keep in mind the materials, labor, and specialized equipment needed for such a home improvement project. In some cases, it can be tough to justify costs associated with roof replacement even when the roof is in really bad shape. In the end, it is all about how much money you are wiling to spend.



This option is usually the go-to options for most homeowners. With the earliest signs of any leaks, the first option is to simply repair the leak. In our expert opinion, while it may not be ideal, sometimes money constraints and other factors leave homeowners with no other options. As with all options, repairs have both pros and cons. The pros obviously being less money involved. Homeowners spend less and stop the damage short-term. The cons being that most of the time this move turns out to be temporary. Repairs and restorations may buy some time but ultimately will require attention.


Complete Roof Replacement

Highly recommended by American Standard Roofing, replacement is when you tear out the old shingles and replace the roof with fresh shingles. This too has pros and cons. The biggest pro being that a new roof lasts for almost 30 years. In some cases it lasts even longer. The biggest con off course being that it costs way more than a simple repair. We recommend roof replacement over repairs most of the time become a repair eventually turns into a bigger issue. A replacement gives you the peace of mind that homeowners will not have to worry every few weeks or months about the same leaky roof.

Never Ignore The Issue:

Ignore Issue

Whatever you do, our sincere advice is never ignore roof replacement vs repairs issue. A small issue can turn into a big one in to time. That can turn very expensive. Our advice is call good, reputable professional contractors. They have the experience and skills necessary to take care of your roof and give you an idea of what is going on. What you do not want is leaving the roof problem unaddressed leading to more expenses down the road.

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At ASR, we are certified and licensed roofing contractors. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. We will get you the loan you need for your roof. Our reputation is important to us. We believe in never sacrificing quality for easy profits. We also stand behind our services for the lifetime of the product, both labor and material. That is why we are #1 metro Detroit roofers. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out.

Replacing Roof: Your Most Important Home Improvement?

Replacing Roof

Just How Important is Replacing Roof?

Is replacing roof your most important home improvement move? In today’s article, our experts here at American Standard Roofing discuss the relevancy of replacing roof. They make some good points too! Here are three reasons why homeowners might want to rethink their home improvement priorities.

Your Property Value & Curb Appeal Increases:

Roof Financing Michigan

Yes, replacing roof will help retain value of your property. If home owners are planning to sell their home, potential buyers inquire about roofs all the time. In addition, a freshly installed roof adds to the aesthetics of your property. Selecting the right roofing company to do your roof is extremely important. This is where American Standard Roofing comes in. Our positive reviews and feedback speak for themself.

Replacing Roof Beats Repairing Roof:

Southfield MI Flat Roofers

This is simple. Repairs are not permanent. We have often seen roof repairs fixed for a limited time and then needing repairs again. This is a continuous cycle. This can cause a lot of grief in the long run. It will also make a dent on your wallet. Here at American Standard Roofing we recommend replacing roof foremost. That said if the budget doesn’t allow, repairs are still better than no repairs. Needless to say, this should be a home improvement priority.

Pay Lower Insurance Premiums:


Finally, insurance. Keep insurance costs in mind when you think of home improvement. The sooner you contact your insurance to cover claims, the better. If you wait too long with issues in your roof, you might just only receive coverage for basic repair from insurance companies. We always suggest identifying the problem first and foremost by calling a roofing professional.

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We are certified and licensed roofing contractors. We know all about roofing contractor qualities. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. Our reputation is important to us. We believe in never sacrificing quality for easy profits. We also stand behind our services for the lifetime of the product, both labor and material. That is why we are #1 metro Detroit roofers. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out.

Winter Roof Replacement: A Quick Guide

Winter Roof Replacement

Winter Roof Replacement:

Winter roof replacement is something most homeowners consider this time of the year. Our first article for this year starts with our panel of experts discussing winter roof replacement and what it entails.

Components Affecting Winter Roof Replacement:

Components of Roofing Process

Following are the three components our panel of experts here at American Standard Roofing agree on. These should affect winter roof replacement decision making of property owners.

  1. Work Force (Crew).
  2. Quality of Equipment Used.
  3. Quality of Product Used.

Work Force & its Importance:

roof snow remove

Here at American Standard Roofing, we have our own crews. We understand the importance of a work force who love their jobs, even if it requires winter roof replacement and working in harsh conditions. We are used to working in freezing temperatures and will make sure our customers are satisfied. At American Standard Roofing, customer satisfaction is priority number one.

Quality of Equipment Used:

Self Inspection

Nothing but the best. That is our motto when it comes to equipment. We have the finest industry standard equipment necessary for our work. We make sure our equipment is not affected by extreme temperatures. That guarantees perfect installation of your roof.

Quality of Product Used:


Third what is most important in extreme weather roof replacements is quality of product used. Workmen morale and high quality tools are of no use if sub par quality products are used. This is why we always use top name brand shingles and other products for installation in our jobs. These three factors make up for a high quality job. American Standard Roofing rides itself on that.

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We are certified and licensed roofing contractors. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. Our reputation is important to us. We believe in never sacrificing quality for easy profits. We also stand behind our services for the lifetime of the product ,both labor and material. This is something not common-practice in this industry. That is why we are #1 metro Detroit roofers. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out.

All Weather Roof Replacement: American Standard Roofing’s Expertise

All Weather Roof Replacement

All Weather Roof Replacement:

In today’s post our panel of experts here at American Standard Roofing discuss all weather roof replacement. We get a lot of questions from our customers about when roofs can and can’t be installed. Questions about all weather roof replacement such as installations in winter or spring, rain factor and shingles sealing etc are every common for us. Our team decided to answer these issues and question. Below are some of the most commonly asked all weather roof replacement questions.

Winter Roofing: More Common Than You Think

Winter Roof Replacement

This is the biggest question we get in regards to all weather roof replacement. Contrary to popular belief, roofs can be installed in the winter. Summer or winter, all weather roof replacement is very common. While you do need a dry, semi-nice day, there are several reasons why having your roof installed in the winter may actually be a better plan.

  1. In the heat of the summer, your roof can be a good 20 degrees hotter than the temperature on the ground. This means that a nice 80 degree day is 100 plus on your roof. Not only is this hard on the workers, but the heat will soften your shingles as well. While this helps them seal, it also makes them more vulnerable to damage during installation.
  2. If your contractor isn’t careful to restrict foot traffic on the finished portions of your roof, granules will start to come off of your new shingles, wearing them prematurely. Fortunately, in the winters it is harder to get traffic on the roof because of the weather conditions.
  3. In summers, it is actually very easy to inadvertently send roofing nails right through a soft shingle. This can cause loose spots that will cause issues later.

Winter Installations:

Winter Installation

When it comes to all weather roof replacement, winter installations are often looked down upon. It is unfortunate from our point of view. Unfortunate indeed because while a winter installation might take a day or two longer to seal, it most likely is not going to cause any issues during that time frame. There are layers of paper and ice-guard underneath your shingles that are also watertight. If any moisture happens to get through, it won’t make it into your home. Most roofers will tell you that they would much rather work on a 40 degree day in the winter than a 90 degree day in the summer.

Best Time to Get Good Price?

Best Value

As explained by our team, suppliers usually raise their prices right before the busy season. For roofers that is summer and fall. You are likely to get the best price if you have your roof installed in the winter or early spring before the yearly material price hikes. Sometimes, warehouses will have specials on certain shingles in order to clear out for new inventory, so if you aren’t particular about the shingle type or color, ask your contractor if there are any supplier specials that you should take into consideration.

When Do Price Hikes Happen?


Price hikes usually take place in early April. Our team advises that homeowners should schedule their estimate at least a month in advance of that. Most companies are just starting to get busy so you should be able to schedule your project fairly quickly. We honor our estimates for a long time so give us a call if you’re in the area.

Will Rain Affect Installation?

Roof Leak

Our team answers with a both yes and no. Even though all weather roof replacement is not a problem, any reputable contractor will check the weather before tearing your roof off. If there is any risk of rain, they should be prepared by tearing off small sections at a time and re-roofing only those sections, or having a tarp ready to install in case the raindrops start falling. Sometimes a contractor may be so hard up for work that they will try and rush the job so they can get paid, risking your home in the process. Unfortunately, these are also the ones that can’t afford to repair any damage that is caused. If you are ever uncomfortable with the weather forecast, tell your roofer that you don’t want the installation completed that day.

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We are certified and licensed roofing contractors with expertise in all weather roof replacement. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. Our reputation is important to us. We believe in never sacrificing quality for easy profits. We also stand behind our services for the lifetime of the product ,both labor and material. This is something not common-practice in this industry. That is why we are #1 metro Detroit roofers. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out.

Homeowners Guide to Sloping Roof Types

Different Types of Roofs

Things can get a little tricky when home owners are trying to decide between sloping roof types for their home. Fortunately, our team here at American Standard Roofing is ready to help.

Roofs basically can be divided into two main categories:

  1. Flat Roof
  2. Sloping Roofs

Flat roofs are generally used on commercial buildings. They are comparatively easier as well. They however are not as aesthetically pleasing as different sloping roof types. We generally do not advise them for residential properties. We recommend them for commercial properties.

Flat Roof

Sloping roof types are more common for residential properties. They are multi-functional. Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing, but they also do not let natural elements gather on top. Because these roofs are of the sloping roof types, all the water, dirt and other outside elements simply just slide off. Our experts here at American Standard Roofing will shed light on the most popular types of sloping roof types.

Pitch (Slope)

Before we start talking about different sloping roof types, we will talk about what pitch is. Pitch is a very important factor when talking about sloping roof types. It determines what kind of a roof will be the best fit for a home. To make it simpler, pitch is essentially the slope of your roof. The pitch of the roof will have a major effect on how a house will finally look. Climate conditions should be a major factor in deciding what pitch you should have for your roof. Obviously for areas that have more precipitation accumulated in a year, flat roofs will not be a good idea. On the other hand, more sloping roof types that are steeper in nature can lead to snow sliding over and falling on people. That is why it is important to have the right pitch. The perfect sloping roof type has a pitch which makes the roof aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.


In this post, we will talk about five of the most common sloping roof types. These are more popular styles. Homeowners love the feel and personality they bring to their homes.

Gable Roof

Gable Roof

The gable roof is by far the most popular style for sloping roof types. An easy way to identify this type of roof is by remembering how houses look like in Monopoly game pieces. Two rectangular, usually equal sized panels join each other at an angle to form a ridge, and you get a gable roof. This style of sloping roof types is an industry typical for residences. Homeowners can find different materials to build this roof. Architects pay special attention when designing such roofs to avoid 45 degree angles. This is in accordance with industry norms and standards. By doing such, architects make outer walls shorter. This results in more emphasis on the roof. It also gives a more pleasant looking overall balanced feel to the house.

Saltbox Roof

Saltbox Roof

The saltbox roof can safely be referred to as an off-shoot of a gable roof. This style of sloping roof types is almost the same as a gable roof. The difference exists in the length of roof panels forming the ridge. In this style, one side is longer than the other. It gives the house it’s own distinct personality. These roofs are generally used in independent houses. They are a product of the twentieth century architecture. Our experts suggest that this roof also tries to achieve a greater slope for the roof. This yields better results in terms of architectural integrity.

Gambrel Roof

Gambrel Roof

Another style of popular sloping roof types is the Gambrel roof. Home owners love this! It has two equal roof panels on both sides. They however are not aligned straight like other sloping roof types. Gambrel roofs have two slopes as you can see in the little picture above. In essence, it the same house but has different roof slopes. The wider upper slope angle and the steeper lower slope angle gives the Gambrel roofs their distinct shape. Our experts pointed out that this roof has Dutch origins. A big positive of this roof slope types is that it increases space in the upper areas of the house while keeping all characteristics of a sloped roof.

Mansard Roof

Mansard Roof

Mansard roof is also called 4 sloping side roof. That is because it has 4 sloping sides. It is similar to Gambrel roof in that sense. The difference is that there is a slope on all sides. Because of the shape of these sloping roof types, upper levels of the house will only be visible from a distance not from close. Our experts point out that origin of these roofs is French in nature. In fact, literal meaning of Mansard means ‘attic space’. It is also more famous in European countries, along with it’s cousin the Gambrel roof.

Pyramid Roof

Pyramid Roof

Pyramid roofs share the 4-sided slope characteristic like their cousin, the Mansard roofs. These roofs are shaped like pyramids. These are ideal for smaller buildings, like huts, storages etc. Modern architecture is full of these types of roofs. That’s because they are balanced and easy to build. These roofs can have a low slope on all sides and still yield best results for a roof. Our experts suggest that these roofs make buildings energy efficient as well.

Sloping Roof Types: Summary

Sloping roofs are best suited for residences and houses. They are efficient, aesthetically pleasing and functional. Factors such as weather, costs, neighborhoods should also determine the type of roof you should get.

If you still need help deciding, give us a call. We’re Michigan based business with over 36 years of experience. We’ll gladly help you decide!