Roof Installation Proper Method & Procedure

Roof Installation Proper Method

Roof Installation Proper Method:

In today’s post, our panel of experts here at American Standard Roofing discuss roof installation proper method & procedure. This will help so homeowners can better understand the entire roofing ordeal. Each roofer is different. Our team explains that most jobs can be done in different ways depending on the contractor. Roof installation proper method can be more than one. What homeowners do not want is a job done with sub par quality and workmanship. Our team, this article, will give a few tips that will help determine roof installation proper method for homeowners.

Manufacturer Handbooks/Manuals:

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Our team strongly suggests referring to manufacturer literature for better understanding and application. Almost all manufacturers have specific instructions on their product installations. Our team explains that it is the roofing companies responsibility to properly train their employees. This is so that you can be 100% sure that you are getting that new roof installed properly. It will also help that the manufacturers warranty is not being voided because of unacceptable practices or material.

Good Installation Goes a Long Way:

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Our team advises that it is very important that everything is installed the first time around to perfection. This is because long term as homeowners, you do not want long term you do not want issues. These issues can include leaks and other service issues. Service can rack up costs which is not good for homeowners.

Handle Issues Promptly:


As homeowners, our team recommends our customers be proactive. Procrastination always leads to high costs.  Homeowners should always look for contractors that have a full time service department. Many times, things get lost in translation between the sale and the installation. You want a service technician to be able to get to these problems within 2 days. And,  you want somebody that is going to be capable of making the problem completely disappear.

Always Get Your Warranties:


Finally our team advises to get your labor and material warranties. This is an important one. If a roofing company is not willing to stand behind their work then you should at least be a little more suspect. It is not enough to rely on the manufacturers warranty, even if that does include labor as well. Bottomline:  look for a company that can get there quick, fix the problem, and deal with the manufacturers themselves.

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