So Many Roofers in Michigan, So Little Time

There are a lot of options when it comes to roofers in Michigan. While this may seem like a good thing when you’re looking for the best deal, the truth is that the quality of the work you may receive varies quite a bit. There are many reasons why American Standard Roofing stands out amongst the competition. Here are just a few of those reasons.

We offer a 30-year labor and materials warranty. American Standard Roofing uses only the highest quality materials. We also have experienced crews that work exclusively for us. These crews are dedicated to the quality of their work and can provide the highest standards of workmanship in a timely manner. Our trust in the materials we use and the people we have working on your home, allow us to offer a 30 year guarantee.

We complete the majority of our roofing jobs in a single day. You don’t want your home exposed to the elements any longer than it has to be. We also know that large home improvement projects can be a major inconvenience. Our crew will show up first thing in the morning and work the entire day until the job is done.

Our bids are substantially lower than our competitions’. We are able to keep our prices down by having strong relationships with our suppliers, volume based discounts and minimal advertising expenses due to our large referral base. This ensures that our prices can be highly competitive without compromising the quality of our work.

These are just a few of the reasons that American Standard Roofing is your best choice of roofers in Michigan. If you’re looking to have a roof replacement, call us at 248-350-2323.American Standard Roofing

The Best Roofer

The city held a contest, a competition you see

In it there were many people who were filled with glee

“Who, oh who, oh who will it be?

The best roofer – in this marvelous city?”


The answer was of quite an interesting sort

For there were many with websites that had colors and more

Some had customer service reps, whose voices had been professionally prepped

A few had dancers, who twirled and spun

There were even some who gave away gum


But amongst the whole lot was a stand-out group

They were not very fancy, loud or all blinged

For they knew well a very significant thing


And they showed their skill in demos at the spot

And they were roof repair contractors, the whole lot

There wasn’t a demo roof they couldn’t repair

For they knew their profession like hairdressers know hair


They knew about weather and other aspects

Which could cause a home’s roof to become a train wreck

They knew how to spot troubles before they became big

They even knew how to walk a roof and do jigs


They had colored shingles, applied them with no flaw

They did underlayment roofing on sloped roofs

They were local roofers, they were simply the best

Out of all roofers present, they alone passed every test


Even the way that they cleaned up after themselves

Impressed the beholders, judges and media reps

Also, quite impressive was their methods of prep

In addition, they had impeccable service with a smile

This group truly went the extra mile


So the mayor, he took his speckles off

Then he announced the winners with a cough

Then he handed the trophy with a handshake and nod

And said, “They must have learned to do this from God.”


Repair My Roof

Ruthie Ann needed roof repair
She looked for her husband, but he was not there
She figured she’d go look in the phone book
She couldn’t find it, no matter how hard she looked

So, she asked her toddler, did she perhaps know
A roof repair expert that knew what to do

Her daughter replied, “No momma,” and sniffed
Saying “no” was her common word gift

But when she asked her, “Where’s mommy’s cell phone?”
The little one knew, she knew it alone
She pointed to cushions on the couch
Her mother kneeled, and then she crouched

And sure enough found her cell phone
Looked up roof repair contractor, and that alone
After a call, thirty minutes and that alone
An expert came, bringing tools and expertise
He walked beside her, quiet as a thief

She showed him the holes, the missing shingles and all
She was glad right away that she’d made that call
To work he went, cleaning and earning every cent
His bill, when he was all due
Was to the housewife a dream come true

All of her troubles with leaks and drafts
Was over and done, big difference before and aft
So, her husband came home and she told him what she’d done
He gave her high five and said he’d had fun

Because he knew he could trust her
To find just the right ones
And that they would take care of things
And have it over and done

So, their roof was fine
And the neighbors turned green
They needed repairs too
You know what I mean

So referrals they gave, testimonies too
Professionals well certified, licensed and great
Perhaps the very best in the whole state
They were both best price roofing and best value roofing

Clean Those Gutters!

We all know that we’re supposed to clean and maintain our gutters, but do we know why?

Clean gutters quickly channel rain water from your roof, through the down spouts, and safely out away from your home and foundation. When leaves, twigs, and other debris begin to build up in your gutters, water flow begins to slow down, sometimes stopping all together.

When the rain comes, gutters begin to overflow, dumping rain water down the side of your home and right onto your foundation. This can lead to basement leaks, dampness, and mold. Water could also travel down behind your siding and leak in through the wall.


Clean gutters also help in the winter. When gutters are full of debris they hold standing water. In the winter, this freezes over, allowing ice to build up. Just the sheer weight of the ice can rip gutters and siding off the side of the house. Even worse, ice can back up under the shingles, causing leaks and interior damage.

So the moral of the story? Clean your gutters! Don’t want to do it yourself? Don’t worry, we can do it for you. Call us now to schedule your appointment!