So Many Roofers in Michigan, So Little Time

There are a lot of options when it comes to roofers in Michigan. While this may seem like a good thing when you’re looking for the best deal, the truth is that the quality of the work you may receive varies quite a bit. There are many reasons why American Standard Roofing stands out amongst the competition. Here are just a few of those reasons.

We offer a 30-year labor and materials warranty. American Standard Roofing uses only the highest quality materials. We also have experienced crews that work exclusively for us. These crews are dedicated to the quality of their work and can provide the highest standards of workmanship in a timely manner. Our trust in the materials we use and the people we have working on your home, allow us to offer a 30 year guarantee.

We complete the majority of our roofing jobs in a single day. You don’t want your home exposed to the elements any longer than it has to be. We also know that large home improvement projects can be a major inconvenience. Our crew will show up first thing in the morning and work the entire day until the job is done.

Our bids are substantially lower than our competitions’. We are able to keep our prices down by having strong relationships with our suppliers, volume based discounts and minimal advertising expenses due to our large referral base. This ensures that our prices can be highly competitive without compromising the quality of our work.

These are just a few of the reasons that American Standard Roofing is your best choice of roofers in Michigan. If you’re looking to have a roof replacement, call us at 248-350-2323.American Standard Roofing

Selling Based On Price – Why It Is Bad For Business

When you are out in the field pitching your product, everybody wants a lower price. They want you to beat the price of the other guy, give them a better deal, save them a little cash. Here’s why you should say no.

The price of your product is a symbol of it’s value. If you price your product at $1000, then you must believe that a customer is going to find more value in your product than they do in their $1000, so your product is worth some amount more than $1000. When a customer tells you that you need to lower your price, they are saying that your product doesn’t have enough value to be worth the $1000 that you are charging.

As soon as you enter into pricing negotiations, you are agreeing with the customer. You are telling them that they are correct, your product doesn’t have the value that you first claimed. You begin backpedaling, well maybe it’s worth this much? This much? Instead of managing the transaction, you then become the victim.

When a customer objects to a price, they are saying that they don’t see $1000 worth of value. If you believe that your product has more value to your customer than $1000, it is your job to show them why. If your product truly has more value than the price you are asking, then you are doing your customer a disservice by not showing them why and bringing them to the close. If you are the best installer, with the best products, and the best customer service, find a way to show that to your customer, and prove to them that your product is more valuable than what you are asking.

Entering into price negotiations is telling everybody that you don’t really believe your product is worth what you are asking. If that is the case then you should lower your price to reflect the actual value that you bring your customer. If you don’t believe your product has value, and you don’t completely believe that your product is the best option for your customer, than you shouldn’t be selling it.

West Bloomfield, MI Michigan Another Easy Sale Thanks to Home Pro Improvement



West Bloomfield, MI Michigan


Home Pro Improvement tried to get in on our territory here. Fortunately, a friendly neighbor let them know to check us out first. We could only save this customer 5k on his new roof, while using a more complete system, with better quality materials!


Michigan’s most trusted roofing company


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Southfield, MI – Half the Price of Mr. Roof on this Bid



Get A Quote! You may be pleasantly surprised with the results. Even though we adhere to the highest standards, we are very competitively priced. Take a look at this job that we just started. Our bid came in at half that of Mr. Roof! Did we mention we also offer financing??   Call American Standard Roofing today – 248-350-2323

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