Arnie Goodman’s Legacy: We’ve Got You Covered!

Arnie Pic

“Long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten the bitterness of poor quality remains” -Arnie Goodman

Continuing Arnie’s Legacy:

Founder and former CEO of American Standard Roofing, Arnie Goodman, built his company on this motto. Arnie really prided himself on offering the highest quality job at the most affordable price. He was not into quick, cheap fixes. With everything he did, he was extremely meticulous, calculated and well thought out.

As his daughter, this used to bother me a lot growing up. In our new age of instant gratification, when I saw something I wanted, I wanted it immediately. My dad would spend days researching the product and find the best on the market. He would drag me across town many times from shop to shop, speaking to sales people, checking out different models etc. Sometimes he would read customer reviews and search for the best deal. He was a very well-informed consumer and this is a gift he offers in return to his customers.

I know that he trained his team to offer the the best in both customer service and quality of service. He would spend his days driving around from job site to job site to be sure that his customers were in the absolute highest care possible. To this day, the team at American Standard Roofing still holds to this depth of integrity. You know when you sign up with us, you will get a job that will leave you feeling elated and a price that is fair and unbeatable. When it comes to your home, that is just the way it has to be. We know this, which is why my fathers Legend still remains. At ASR, we got you covered!

We’re Here For All Your Needs!


We are certified and licensed roofing contractors, with over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. Our reputation is important to us.  Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out.

Siding 101: A Comprehensive Explanation by ASR

Siding 101


In today’s post our panel of experts discusses siding 101 and provides important insights.

Siding 101:

The primary purpose of your home’s siding is to protect the foundation and contents within it. It protects it from rain, snow, wind, and other strong weather elements. Much like insulation, siding helps to shield your home. Insulation keeps the area between itself and the walls free of moisture, insects and dirt. Keeping dry from year-round moisture is it’s biggest job as well as challenge. If moisture is
trapped inside the wall, it can lead to mold and mildew, a very dangerous health concern for your family. Trapped moisture can also cause structural damage to your home by warping and bowing at any point in the foundation.

Siding Provides Protection:

Protect Home

During the cold winter months, a well installed siding can keep in the heat so your family can stay warm and cozy. Siding on your home can ensure proper protection of both your home’s interior and your family living in it. It helps to preserve the
infrastructure, which can deteriorate with wear and tear of the environment. Timely siding replacement and repair will save you money on big damage bills in the long run.

Siding & Aesthetic Appeal:

Aesthetic Appearence Matters

Another purpose of siding is to add to the beauty of your home. Siding take up the majority of your homes exterior surface, so the attractiveness and up-keep is an added appeal to both you and your neighbors. It adds both curb appeal and value to your home.

Few Signs for Siding Replacement:


If you are unsure if it is time to replace your siding, there are a few sign to take note of.

  1. If there is any signs of warping on your current siding, you will want to get it replaced soon.
  2. You may also start to notice the siding bend and pull away from the home, which means rain water and moisture are most likely getting in.
  3. There may be signs of internal damage, such as peeling paint or loose, sagging wallpaper in a room. Be on the lookout for small green or black patches on the siding on the shady side of your home, which indicates moisture problems and mold growth.
  4. If you feel along the siding and notice any soft spots, this is most likely a sign of rotting boards and needs to be addressed immediately.

ASR Has Your Back When it Comes to Siding 101!


It’s imperative for the health and safety of both your home and family that you keep well-maintained siding. If you need any help assessing weather it’s time to replace your siding, call us as ASR today for a free wellness consultation. We are passionate about making sure your family and home are in its best shape to protect and provide for you. Here at American Standard Roofing, we got you covered!

Insulation 101: A Comprehensive Explanation by ASR

insulation 101

Insulation 101:

Picking up from last week’s guide on gutters, our team talks insulation 101 this week. We will discuss some benefits of insulation and how properly insulating homes can be cost efficient for owners.

Insulation Works Year Round!

Reflect or Absorb Heat

Insulation is one of the most efficient, cost-effective and practicals ways to save energy in your home. The reason for that is because it keeps your home warm in the winter and cold in the summer. Insulation helps you maintain the desired temperature all year round. By improving insulation on your home, you will save up to 80% in heating and cooling losses, ensuring you maximize the use of the natural resources and don’t waste energy (or money).

Benefits of Insulation:

Insulation Benefits

A poorly insulated home will end up costing a lot of money to make up for it. Whereas a well insulated home will need very little additional heating and cooling. It almost seems like a no-brainer! Insulating your roof is so important as it accounts for approximately 25% of the total heat loss of your home.

Proper Insulation Lowers Your Energy Bills!

Cost Efficiency

Ok, imagine this, it’s winter time and you leave the house in shorts, a tee and flip-flops. When you get to the car, the first thing you will most likely do is CRANK the heat and amp up the heated seats! While outside in your summer gear amidst the winter months, your body will expend a lot of extra energy shaking (literally) to try to build the extra heat to make up for the lack of insulation! For the same reason why you won’t wear a down coat on an 90 degree summer day (helloooo air conditioning)!

Insulation Helps Regulate Temperatures:

Thermal Cycle Effect

When your body is not properly insulated (dressed) for the weather, you will end up spending a lot of excess energy attempting to regulate your body temperature, in the same way your home will. So do yourself a favor, grab a sweater when it’s cold and make sure your roof is also properly dressed for the season.



Here is the bottom line for our Insulation 101 class: Call us today. We can guide you about roof insulation importance and proper insulation benefits. We are great with installing insulation, and we have great specials going on right now! We are certified and licensed roofing contractors. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work.

At ASR we care about your home running at its most efficiency – protecting your family and your wallet. Call us today to schedule a free wellness check and make sure your roof insulation is ready for the winter months coming.

Gutters 101: A Comprehensive Explanation by ASR

Gutters 101

Gutters 101: What You Need to Know

What is the purpose of gutters anyways? They seem to just be a lot of maintenance to up-keep and a hefty bill to replace. You may be wondering if your gutters actually do anything or perhaps you are just curious about how it all works. As our team here at American Standard Roofing explains, rain gutters main purpose is to channel water off of the roof and away from your home.

Importance of Gutters:

Gutter Worker

If you don’t have gutters and downspouts to direct the runoff away from your home, the water will flow over the sides and pool around the foundation every time it rains. Too much water falling too close to your home can erode the soil around it, compromise the home’s foundation and wreak havoc to your lower level. Installing rain gutters is something that is very important. A faulty gutter system can also cause water to run underneath the shingles of your roof, which can lead to great damage. This is also important for winter time when the snow melts and there is all the extra water.

Reasons to Have A Well Working Gutter System:

Good Roofing System

Here are 3 great reasons to have a well working gutter system:

1. Prevent Erosion

All homes are built on a slight slope to guide runoff away from the foundation. If you don’t have gutters (or they are clogged, rusted or faulty), the water flows off from your roof, causing massive erosion. Over time more and more soil will begin to wash away every time it rains or snows. This causes your perfectly sloped landscape to slowly wear down, allowing water to flow towards your home rather than away from it. Erosion prevention is core part of our gutters 101 course.

2. Protect the Siding

When rainwater carries all sorts of debris down the siding, this results in streaky staining. Pulling up to a home that looks unkempt and unappealing from the outside negatively impacts you and your curb appeal. Aside from the aesthetics, over time this moisture can begin to rot your siding, which becomes a hugely difficult and pricey problem to fix! It can create holes in the siding, where unwanted pests can nest or even affect the structural integrity if enough water seeps through.

3. Prevent Basement Flooding

Soil that is saturated with pooling water becomes extremely heavy. When it’s consistently happening around your home it creates a tremendous amount of pressure on the foundation of your home. This can over time cause the basement walls to push in or crack. These cracks in the foundation allow water to flow into your home, potentially flooding your lowest level. Unwanted and excessive moisture can create mold growth and other dangerous health hazards for your family.

So What’s The Bottom Line Here?


There you have our gutters 101 for our readers. It’s important to upkeep all aspects of your home, to protect the safety, health, and well-being of your family! Gutters do a huge irrigation job, making sure your home stays dry and your land keeps it’s correct slope. Here at ASR we care about the foundational integrity of your home. We will offer you our best advice on whether you need new gutters or just a clean up. Call us today for a free wellness check. We Got You Covered!

Gutter Guards: A Brief Overview for Our Readers

Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards:

Gutter guards are not something homeowners usually consider when making home improvement decisions. However gutter guards are important for an efficient gutter system for your home. Our team here at American Standard Roofing provides insight on different types of gutter guards and how they can help improve your guttering system.

What Do Gutters Do?


While we have extensively covered gutters and their history of evolution, it is important to talk come back to basics again. Gutter questions are pretty popular in the industry. Protecting your gutters from fallen leaves and unwanted debris is essential. The main responsibility of gutters is to regulate the water around your home. Gutters funnel water off of the roof and away from your home. This consequently protects your siding, windows, doors and foundation from water damage. Clogged gutters may cause a variety of issues including flooded basements, cracked foundations, rotten wood, leaking roofs, slippery sidewalks, and cracked driveways just to name a few.

Why Use Gutter Guards?


One way to avoid the above mentioned problems in your home is to install gutter guards. There are a variety of gutter guards available on the market. It is up to homeowners to determine the amount of money they are willing to spend. Our team here advises to keep long-term benefits of a premium gutter in mind. Homeowners save a lot more by not cutting corners on costs early on in the project.

Types of Gutter Guards:

Roofing Process

Our team has narrowed down six of the basic gutter guards currently available are listed below:

  1. Reverse curvethis is intended to direct water through a small horizontal slit, while preventing leaves and debris from entering the gutter channel.
  2. Mesh: this is a type of guard made from a sheet that has tiny holes in it. This design leaves out leaves and debris and lets water flow through into the gutter.
  3. Bottle brush: this is the most affordable gutter guard in the market. Just as its name suggests it resembles a bottle brush with bristles. It serves as a barrier against leaves and debris and lets water flow through.
  4. Nylon: these gutter guards are ideal for winter conditions. They inhibit snow and ice buildup. This type of gutter completely absorbs incoming water without affecting shingles.
  5. Non-gutter: these types of covers basically cover substitute traditional gutters with thin aluminum louvers.
  6. Foam: these gutter guards are made from plastic material that is designed to fit straight into the gutter and blocks all debris falling from the roof into the gutter.

Final Advice:

What You Need To Know

Our advice is very simple. Which gutter guard to choose is completely up to homeowners. It depends on their budget and circumstances. But it is extremely important to remember to maintain a clean gutter because this will potentially prevent a number of more serious and expensive problems in the long run.

We’re Here For All Your Gutter Needs!


We are certified and licensed roofing contractors and we know gutters importance. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. Our reputation is important to us. We believe in never sacrificing quality for easy profits. That is why we are #1 metro Detroit roofers. Be sure to give us a call at (248) 350-2323 for all your roofing, siding and guttering needs.

Right Color Roof for Your Home: Quick Guide by ASR

Right Color Roof

Choosing The Right Color Roof:

Choosing the right color and style for your new roof is such a personal preference. How we dress, decorate, etc is part of the fun in expressing our personality and individuality. Some choose to match and stick to more basic or monotone colors, some like to mix it
up – stripes and polka dots, and some like bold and bright colors, there is an unlimited variety of possibilities.

Important Factors When Choosing Right Color Roof:


When choosing your roof color, there are a few things that may assist you in making a decision. We have listed three important things as follows:

1. Know your style:

How do you dress when you go out into public? Are you more casual or fancy? Do you like to stand out and be bold or more introverted and simple? Our home represents ourself and how we want to be seen. Redoing your roof is as exciting as redoing your kitchen, however the whole neighborhood gets to celebrate and enjoy as well. By knowing your personal style, your likes and dislikes, this can assist you in narrowing down options that best suit You!

2. Blending with your home:

What color is your siding? Your trim? Your door? Do you have busy bricks or all solid colors? Sometimes it’s nice to have your roof be a totally different color then the rest of your house to make it pop. While others may enjoy all the colors blending into each other. If you have a lot of color throughout your home, you may want to stick to a more basic or solid shingle color. However, if you have a lot of basic colors already you may desire a roof with multi-tones and a designer pattern to mix it up.

3. Enjoy the process:

Have fun! Allow yourself some time to play with multiple colors and styles. Ask your friends and family who you value their opinion. Bring home swatches to hold up and imagine what it will look like all shiny and finished. This is an era of change and possibility, so we invite you to really enjoy this stage. Imagine yourself like an artist brushing a new look onto your family home. New energy, a new feel, a new style. How exciting it will feel to pull up your driveway to a home that feels fresh and inviting!

Here for All Your Roofing Needs!


As roofing experts, we are happy to assist you in this process. We are here to guide you, answer all your questions and provide options that fit in with both your style and budget. Let’s have some fun! Here at American Standard Roofing, We Got You Covered. Call us today for a free color consultation.

Right Balance of Quality & Cost: Some Quick Tips by ASR

right balance

Finding the Right Balance of Quality & Cost:

When deciding to redo your roof there are many factors that come into play. Just like with anything, it’s important to find the right balance of quality of job with cost. You can find a cheap quote from the neighborhood boys with a truck, a ladder and some tools, however that’s not always going to outcome in the most beautiful, clean and efficient job. It’s best to find a licensed and insured roofing company to offer the best product. However, it’s possible to find a quality job working within your budget.

Carefully Considering Your Options:


Here are a some situations in which you may find yourself when considering your options:

1. Solve the problem:

Problem Solving

If you have a leak, mold, or any other serious problem this means you have to move quick. You will be offered a range of options, however it’s most important that the problem is mended and your family can rest easy at night. If this is you, you may want a basic option with quality workmanship to get you patched up.

2. Peace of Mind:


It’s one thing to stop today’s leak, but how about thinking forward to prevent tomorrow’s leak? Preventative action can be the most imperative type of action because we are preparing for our future. We are making sure our family home is taken care of and we will not have to revisit another problem. We are at peace knowing that we chose a roof that will last the long haul. Spending a bit more now, may be just the thing that prevents you from any curveball surprises later.

3. Property Value:


Are you thinking of putting your home on the market in the next 2,3, even 5 years? A new roof can make all the difference to a prospective buyer. Not only will it offer them peace of mind, a handsome new dimensional roof offers a ‘billboard’ effect. It’s inviting and enticing. It tells a story that the current owners (you) took a lot of pride and care into their home. A new roof can add great value to your property and help you get much more out of your home. And, if you chose not to sell your house, you get to enjoy your nicer shingle with no regrets!

4. Pride of Ownership:


You may not have an immediate threat, like a leak, however you may have bought a new home recently and just can’t figure out why the previous owner chose that color shingle. You may feel unease every time you pull up your driveway, wishing your home had more curb appeal and matched your personal style. In this situation, we have a bit more time to play around with color and style. You will have options based on attraction and value. Even though you may have some life left in your current roof, you may desire to change it up and we are here to assist you.

Here for All Your Roofing Needs!


As roofing experts, we are happy to assist you in finding the right balance. We are here to guide you, answer all your questions and provide options that fit in with both your style and budget. Let’s have some fun! Here at American Standard Roofing, We Got You Covered. Call us today for a free consultation.

From Our Family to Yours: We Have Your Back At ASR

American Standard Roofing Arnie

With Love From ASR: Musings of a Beloved Daughter

My father, Arnold Goodman, CEO and founder of American Standard Roofing, was an amazing man. He had so many top notch qualities and the lessons he bestowed upon his children were numerous. Of all of them though, the thing he most passionately passed down as his legacy is how important Family is. He was a true Family Guy. To him, family was everything. He taught us that through thick and thin family will always be here for you. In any disagreements, that come with any family dynamic, he was the ultimate peacemaker. My father taught us ‘you never turn your back on family.’ He taught us family was a unit we could always trust and always rely on. 

I remember once I was looking at taking a big risk and was going over the risk/benefit analysis with my dad, and I asked him, “You got my back dad?!” His reply was, “I got your front and your back!” I still remember the feeling like I could soar off the roof tops just feeling the immensity of his love and support. And he truly meant it, he always had our back and was always there to support us in all our endeavors. 
I know that he built his business with this as a core stabilizing foundation, because it’s who he is. He treated every customer, employee, radio interviewee as family – and if you ask anyone of them they will tell you the same! After his sudden passing, my mother, Gayle Goodman, has stepped her sweet yogi feet into my dad’s shoes. They are so different in so many ways, however the one thread that is common and still pulsing strong, is We Treat Everyone like Family

Here for All Your Roofing Needs!


Here at American Standard Roofing, we are one big family. When you sign up for us to serve you, you sign up to become a part of our extended family. You can count on us, we got your back and we got you covered


Building Trust With Every Project We Take On: ASR’s Core Value

Building Trust:

Trust [truhst]


1. reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, of a person or thing. Confidence.

Who are the people that you trust? Do you trust your family? Do you trust those that you do business with?

We all yearn for more trust, in our relationships, in our interactions, with our family and in all our connections. When we feel trust, we feel safe and supported. When we trust, we feel at home within ourself and our surroundings

Exercise of Building Trust:

fist bump

It’s said that trust is the hardest to build and the easiest to break. How can we build more trust without just blindly trusting everyone and everything? Outside of our immediate family, we can build trust with those who have strong values, a good reputation and consistently show up in an honest and integral way.

ASR’s Way of Doing Business:

ASR Logo

Here at American Standard Roofing, our family is your family. We are the roofing company that you can trust. Why? Well because we are:

  • Fair
  • Honest
  • We stand behind our work
  • Professionals With High values
  • We are Licensed & insured

Price is Not All That Matters:

Price Tag

At ASR you can trust you are getting the best value roofing for the lowest price possible. But here’s the catch; price is not all that matters. In fact, we invite you to shop around and not make price your defining line. The reason behind our confidence? You get what you pay for. If you are looking for a roof that will last you decades to come, a company that will treat you like family and a crew that will be professional and respect your home, look no further. Call us today. We got your family covered!

Here for All Your Roofing Needs!


At ASR, we are certified and licensed roofing contractors. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. We also stand behind our services for the lifetime of the product, both labor and material. That is why we are #1 metro Detroit roofers. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out. You can trust us.


Home Related Projects? ASR has you Covered!

Home Related Projects

Home Related Projects:

It’s been a long day. Running around at work, shuffling the kids here and there, grocery shopping, making family meals etc. When you pull up to your home do you feel relaxed and happy or struck by clutter and a feeling of unease? Let American Standard Roofing help with your home related projects.

Home Importance:


Our home is our nest, it is our temple and our place of refuge. When we come home, we all long to feel at peace with our surroundings and fully able to relax and unload after a busy day. We are a family too, and we understand the security of having a ‘roof over your head.’ A roof that protects you from the elements, that provides shelter and warmth and that looks perfectly balanced with the rest of your home.

Why is Roof Important?

Leaking Roof

A roof is often the last thing we think about in the chaos of our busy day, however it’s one of the primary things we need to provide safety for our family. Why wait to come home on a rainy day to have to run around playing the chase the leak with a pan game?! You deserve to relax knowing that your home is doing it’s job, while you do yours.

Here for All Your Roofing Needs!


Call us at American Standard Roofing for an expert complimentary color scheme consultation. You have our satisfaction guaranteed! At ASR, we are certified and licensed roofing contractors. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. We also stand behind our services for the lifetime of the product, both labor and material. That is why we are #1 metro Detroit roofers. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out

If you’re curious about the condition of your roof, call us! We offer free Wellness Checks – we have your family covered!