Roofing Service Department: Our Company’s Reason for Success

Roofing Service Department

Roofing Service Department:

The roofing service department in our company is one of the most active departments. It is also one of the most important ones. Our team of experts today have decided to talk about roofing service department. We will discuss it’s important job not only in our company but in the sector as well.

Key to a Good Service Department:


A good roofing service department not only constantly manages and supervise technicians but also to plan for the worst. It is quite common for bigger companies to fail simply because of a bad customer service department. Our team also advises that finding a good service tech is crucial. However, it is not always an easy thing to do. What kind of person do you want out there diagnosing your companies problems and dealing with irate customers? It is not easy to deal with customers who have leaks or other roofing issues. Are they going to be capable of both fixing the problem and calming the customer down? If they have those skill sets, are they going to be comfortable staying at this job long term? And above all, will homeowners be comfortable with these technicians working on their homes?

Asking the Right Questions:

Right Question

It is up to the customers to ask the right questions from the contractors so later on there is no need for unnecessary servicing. Our team here has diligently made a list of questions that customers should ask contractors before starting project. This will not only help contractors carry our proper service from their roofing service department but also alleviate concerns from homeowners.

1. Proper Insurance Coverage:

Your contractor should carry insurance to protect your home from accidental damage. Here at American Standard Roofing we are licensed, insured and bonded to obtain proper coverage.

2. Warranty & Workmanship Coverage:

Homeowners need to hire contractors who can offer an extended warranty that may include workmanship coverage.

3. Good Quality Roofing Material:

Always go with good quality material. Reputable contractors like to use good quality product so ensure that you have both.

4. Get Written Estimates:

Always get proper, written estimates on company letterheads. The estimate should also be an accurate description of work that is to be performed. Any work contracted out also needs to be clearly shown.

5. Compliance With Codes:

Always hire professional contractors who know the regional building and inspection codes. Contractors need to be in compliance with these codes all the time while working.

6. References:

Our team can not emphasize enough on how important this is. Homeowners should always ask for references. They should also call and check these references for quality of workmanship from contractor.

Finding the Right Balance:

the right balance

It is nearly impossible to find a flawless roofing service department. That is because anyone capable of performing all of the duties would ideally have to be great with customers as well. The problem we always see in the industry is an imbalance in customer service with regards to roofing skills.

Technicians may be great with people but if they cant diagnose and fix the problem they are pretty much useless to you. It is the ones that are able to do both of these things that you need to seek out and to keep satisfied because they run the risk of looking for other work constantly. Many times these type of individuals have ambitions to start their own company or attain a higher level position within the company. In short, finding the right balance is critical.

Good Roofing Service Department Protocols:


A good service department always schedules the work properly. Customers are #1 priority. They need to be taken care of ASAP regardless of problem complexity. This takes some organizational skills as they will be required to drive all over the place and at each stop have to spend an undetermined amount of time. Leave some time between appointments, and also an emergency spot every day for those special situations that need to get addressed immediately. It helps to break down the jobs into piles that need to be scheduled with the homeowner present and those that can be completed when they are not home. Lastly, remember to keep the customer up to date about what is going on. There is no quicker way to create an enemy than by not communicating exactly what is going on. It makes the customer feel like you are ignoring them or just don’t care.

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We are certified and licensed roofing contractors. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. Our reputation is important to us. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out.

Seamless Gutters: A Basic Explanation for Homeowners

Seamless Gutters

Seamless Gutters:

In today’s post our panel of experts here at American Standard Roofing discuss seamless gutters and it’s importance for homeowners. If you are in the market for new gutters, you have probably heard a lot of companies advertising ‘seamless gutters’. But you might be asking, what are seamless gutters? And what is on my house right now? Well, our experts here at American Standard Roofing have made things a whole lot easier for you.

Basic Explanation:

Basics As explained by our team, previously gutters only came in sections. This was so they could be shipped, usually 10 feet long. This means that in order to run gutters the whole length of your home, your contractor would have to hang several sections in a row. In between these pieces, there are seams. If each seam isn’t properly sealed, it will leak water, potentially damaging wood and siding if left unaddressed. These are probably the type that are currently on your home.

Special Gutter Machine:

Gutter Rolling Machine Our team further explains that many gutter installation companies have a special machine that allows them to actually custom make the gutters at your home. Instead of bringing a bunch of gutter sections with them, they bring a big roll of aluminum and then form each gutter in the exact length needed. This eliminates pesky seams that need maintained and resealed periodically, and also gives your home a more streamlined look. The aluminum comes in many different colors, or it can be custom painted to match your homes exterior.


Easy Roof Financing The price for seamless gutters varies greatly across the board. When getting a quote for seamless gutters, you can expect to pay around $7-$10 per linear foot, depending on the difficulty of the job. A home with several levels and a steep roof may run more, while an easy ranch could be a little less.

Regular Gutter Repair:

Finally, our team mentions that if you currently have regular gutters and just need a piece for a repair, you should not worry. Homeowners can still buy individual sections of vinyl or aluminum gutter at your local hardware store.

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ASR LogoBBB We are certified and licensed roofing contractors. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. Our reputation is important to us. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out.

Roofing Decks Importance: The Backbone of Your Entire Roof System

Roofing Deck Importance

Roofing Decks Importance:

In today’s pot our panel of experts here at American Standard Roofing discuss roofing decks importance. We will go over the different types, how popular they are in US and some key findings. Roofing decks importance should never be undermined. Our team explains further.

Backbone of Your Roof System:

Roofing Decks Importance

First a little background on roofing decks importance. Our team explains that a roofing deck is the backbone of any roofing system. It is a very important component as it provides support for the entire roof system. A proper support of the roofing above is critical to the roof system’s success.

In addition, roofing decks importance also gets enhanced because when designing, several factors have to be kept in mind. Key elements like thermal performance, fire resistance, provide slope for drainage and enhance wind-uplift performance can not be ignored. They must also accommodate building movement and often determine the attachment method of the vapor retarder, insulation and membrane.

Types of Roofing Decks:

Different Types

Our team advises that some of the most common types of roofing decks being used today are as follows:

  • Steel
  • Precast concrete panel
  • Structural concrete
  • Wood planking
  • Plywood/OSB
  • Poured gypsum

Roofing Decks in US:

USA Flag

The most prevalent roof deck in the U.S. for commercial buildings is steel. On the West Coast, plywood/OSB is very popular. Because a roof deck is the foundation for the roof system, the designer needs to coordinate the roof system design requirements for the roof deck with the structural engineer. This is to ensure full performance of the roof system be it steel or plywood. 

Attachment Methods:

Attachment Methods

As our team explains, roof decks can be attached in different ways. You should discuss nails versus screws, welding versus screw or pneumatic anchors, and how all of these will perform until the roof system is installed. You also must consider protecting the deck from thermal expansion and contraction. We have seen large roofs where the pneumatic anchors were “popping” out under the heat of the day, expanding the large expanses of steel roof deck beyond the strength of the anchor. Not good.

Important Takeaways:


Following are some of the important key points when discussing roofing decks importance:

  • Roofs are systems. They are only as good as their weakest link.
  • Roof decks form the base of the roof system. A good foundation can eliminate concerns that affect roof system performance.
  • Coordinate your needs for roof performance system with the structural engineer.
  • Find out the possible deflection under load. This may be critical on ballasted systems.
  • Coordination may require a revision to the structural detailing and new thinking on the structural engineer’s behalf.
  • Coordinate the varying specification sections that deal with the structural roof deck and the roofing.

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We are certified and licensed roofing contractors. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. Our reputation is important to us. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out.

Emergency Roof Leaks: What Homeowners Should Know

Emergency Roof Leaks

Emergency Roof Leaks:

Emergency roof leaks are bad. They leave homeowners worried and full of anxiety. In today’s post, our panel of experts here at American Standard Roofing discuss what homeowners should know when it comes to emergency roof leaks.

Why Now?

Southfield MI Weather

We have had to make several calls in the past days and weeks in regards to emergency roof leaks. With extremely windy conditions as we saw last week and the recent snow storm, there were panic every where. Power outages, downed trees, and lots of roof damage are a common sight for us. While homeowners cringe at the thought of such disasters, it is our job to make sure everything is in proper working condition.

Steps for Safety:

Steps for Safety

Our team is asked this question regularly. What do you do if you are in a panic emergency roof leaks situation? Lets say you are sitting inside during a storm  (or even on a regular day) and water comes pouring in.

1) Evaluate The Situation:

The very first step our team advises is to evaluate the situation. Do it as best possible as you can. Look for foreign objects outside. Is there a downed tree on your roof? Do you see shingles in your yard like a couple just blew off? Is there water coming in your home? And is there any immediate danger?

2) Come Up With Appropriate Solution:

The next step would be to come up with an appropriate solution to the emergency roof leaks situation. If there is a tree on your house, you need to get away from that area immediately. Trees are a lot heavier than they look, and if the framing on your house gives out, you could be hurt or even killed. Professionals will come in and remove the tree after the storm. If there is water coming in but no immediate danger present, you’ll have to wait it out. Get some buckets or something to collect water in and place them under the leaks. We have encountered customers using duct tapes. That does not work. It is usually too dangerous to send a technician up on your roof while it’s raining, but you should still call us as soon as possible to reserve a slot for when the weather clears. They fill up quickly so the sooner you reach us, the sooner we can get out to tarp your roof.

3) Do An External Inspection:

Our team advises that even if you do not find an foreign object on your roof, you should still do a full walk around of your home. This is especially necessary after every storm. Check for pieces of shingle in the yard, and look from the ground to see if there is anything out of the ordinary. Hail can crack and damage shingles so it’s important to keep an eye out.

4) Help Minimize Storm Damage:

You can help minimize storm damage by pruning trees away from your house. Homeowners should also remove dead and dying branches from any big trees in their yards. Trees that are close to the home can bend with the wind and scrape shingles, and branches that are dead or dying are much more likely to snap off and fall onto your roof.

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We are certified and licensed roofing contractors. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. Our reputation is important to us. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out.

Choosing Right Roof Color: A Smart Guide For Smart Homeowners

Choosing Right Roof Color

Choosing Right Roof Color:

Choosing right roof color is an important part of being a homeowner. Our team of experts here at American Standard Roofing have decided to weigh-in on choosing right roof color once again simply because of the buzz this topic creates among the contractors and homeowners alike.

What Homeowners Need to Consider:

Are you trying to figure out what color is best for your roof? Every home has different aesthetics and needs so finding the perfect color for your roof can seem daunting at first.

We’re here to help you find the best color roof for you. Below is a list of things that homeowners should take into account when choosing right roof color.

1. Know Different Type Materials:

Different Materials

There are a variety of materials that are used for roofing. Knowing which material you want to use will determine which colors are available for you to choose from. Clay tiles, slate, wood shakes, concrete tiles, metal and asphalt shingles all have different styles. Take into account the style of your home before deciding on the material you want your roof to be made of. Once you’ve decided on the right material, you can start looking at which colors are available and see which looks best on your home.

2. Light Colors vs. Dark Colors:

right color for roofing shingles

We have also covered this in depth in the past. It is important when choosing right roof color because light colored shingles can keep your home cooler during the summer months and will save you money on air conditioning. If you find yourself spending a lot on A/C, lighter colored shingles will make your home more energy efficient. There are benefits to a darker roof though. During the winter months, dark colored shingles retain heat and will melt snow faster than their lighter colored counterparts. Darker shingles will also save you money on heating if you prefer a warmer home.

3. Find Home Complementing Color:

Complementing Color

Our team advises homeowners to choose a color that goes with the color of your home. Black, gray and dark brown shingles look great on almost any color home so if you’re looking for something traditional, these are the colors to choose. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, try green, red or blue shingles. Using a mix of shades of gray or brown can give your house a different look without being as much of a statement as the brighter colors. Choose something that will make your home look its best and fits your personality.

4. Check With Homeowners’ Association:

Homeowners Association

When choosing right color roof, make sure to check from your homeowners association. Some neighborhoods only allow certain colored shingles. Make sure to check you are not violating any rules before you get your heart set on a specific look for your new roof.

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We are certified and licensed roofing contractors. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. Our reputation is important to us. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out.

Gutters Importance: What Homeowners Need To Know

Gutters Importance

Gutters Importance:

In today’s post our team of experts here at American Standard Roofing discuss gutters importance. We have noticed that a big majority homeowners do not spend a lot of time thinking about their gutters. It is unfortunate because understanding gutters importance may prevent costly home repair bills in the future.

What Are Gutters Anyway?

Question Mark

In order to understand gutters importance, homeowner need to learn what they are and what they do. Gutters funnel water off of the roof and away from your home. This consequently protects your siding, windows, doors and foundation from water damage.

How Do Gutters Protect Your Home?

Gutter Worker

Many homeowners do not realize gutters importance until after the damage is done. We are here to address that issue. In order to full understand gutters importance, homeowners should realize how much damage can occur when their gutters are clogged, leaking, or broken. When gutters aren’t functioning properly, rainwater runs off the roof of the house. This results in rainwater collects on the ground near the foundation. Heavy rains can result in standing pools of water. This is bad because water seeps in to the foundation. This can cause a bunch of problems.

Benefits of Gutters:

gutters on home in rain

Below is a list of things our team came up with to show gutters importance. If homeowners are cognizant of these, it can help them save a lot of costs and trouble in the long run.

  • Stop from potential flooding.
  • Help in preventing cracked foundations by not letting water seep in.
  • Help prevent infestations – standing water can cause insects and other creepy crawlers to take over your home.
  • Gutters prevent mold from growing. Standing water make it easy for mold to grow.
  • Help soil from eroding.
  • Protection from paint damage.
  • Helps preventing rusting from outside building products.

Gutter Maintenance is Important Regardless of Climate:

Residential Versus Commercial Gutters

Our team advises that homeowners need to cater for gutters importance irrespective of local climate. This is because homes will have rainwater runoff regardless of extreme conditions. Even in moderate rain fall season homes have considerable amount of runoff. Clogged or damaged gutters can cause these above mentioned problems with ease.

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We are certified and licensed roofing contractors. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. Our reputation is important to us. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out.

Decorating Roof: Some Holiday Tips From ASR

Decorating roof

Colorful lights on a home are certainly enjoyable to look at but it takes considerable time and effort. It can also take a toll on your roof. That said, safety is key when looking to get involved in decorating roof without damaging it. For a homeowner, decorating accidents are the worst thing that can happen this season. That is why it is important to make sure decorating roof without damaging it is done safely. It is also important that ornaments and decorations are properly secured.

Decorating Roof Tips:

Helpful Tips

Our experts over at American Standard Roofing have compiled a list of tips for decorating your roof without damaging it. These tips help you stay stress-free and encounter minimal danger so you can enjoy the season fully. Happy holiday season!

1. Decorations Wrapping:


Make sure your decoration lights are properly wrapped before you climb the ladder outside. Always make sure there are no tangled or twisted decoration lights/wires. It also means less time for you on the roof and more safety. Fix the wires before climbing the roof. Tangled wires can get caught in cracks and crevices. This increase wire exposure chances. This can also result in electrical sparks and other issues.

2. No Hanging Lights With Shingles:

Hanging Lights

A common mistake that most homeowners make is hanging decorative lights from their shingles. Our experts have seen people making holes in shingles and roofs to hang lights. This is a major no-no. Why? Because it can let moisture and other elements in. A suggestion we have is to put the Christmas lights up with clips that hang on from the gutters.

3. Careful When Taking Down Decorations:

Michigan Roofing

It is important to take decorations down carefully when talking about decorating roof without damaging it. After the season, everyone is in a rush to take the decorations down. Ripping them down or hastily grabbing and pulling/tugging at them will only result in gutters and shingles being damaged. Take your time to remove each clip holding decorations, separately. Patience now will save you in repair costs later on.

4. Don’t Overload your Circuits?

Electrical Issues

Our crews have also come across quite a few homeowners who have been subject to electrical shocks while setting up decorations. These decorations have a tendency to shock if they are not properly plugged away from power lines. Decorating roof without damaging it means using an external, portable outdoor circuit, for safety. We have also come across homeowners who overloaded their circuit breakers resulting in fires damaging the home. Be safe and play it smart.

5. Safety in Numbers:

Friend Ladder

Two is better than one. Always have someone help you out when you are setting up the decorations for your home. There is a wide variety of things the helper can do. He/she can hold your ladder, help carry items, and above all help in times of emergency. This also reduces the chances of damages to homes which an average do-it-yourself-er is prone to.

‘Tis The Season!


We are certified and licensed roofing contractors. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. Our reputation is important to us. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out.