Residential Roof Maintenance: Tips From American Standard Roofing

Residential Roof Maintenance

Residential Roof Maintenance:

Residential roof maintenance is an important part of home improvement. In today’s pot, our panel of experts here at American Standard Roofing will discuss residential roof maintenance in detail. While we have covered this numerous times in the past, this issue is important enough for us to write about it again.

Michigan Extreme Weather:

Severe Weather

Michigan’s weather is not a secret. We have an extreme temperature be it the bitter winters, the harsh rainfall season or even the glorious sunny warm days. Homeowners always want their roofs to withstand this extreme weather. Our team here believes in the saying “prevention is better than cure”. We find that is is considerably easier and affordable to keep a roof well-maintained rather than having to make major repairs or replace it after a disaster. Roofs here in Michigan face strong winds, hail, ice, snow and intense sunlight. It is essential that they are properly maintained.

Good Tips:

Helpful Tips

Our team has come up with these very basic yet effective tips for homeowners. Follow these preventive tips and you might not have to shell out big bucks in repairs and replacements later on. These basic tips are as follows:

1. Keep Debris Away:

Maintenance Gutters

The first tip we like to give for preventive residential roof maintenance is this: keep debris away from your roof. Leaves and other small branches like wood can retain moisture. This will harm your roof over time. It can also become a fire hazard as debris can catch fire rather easily. We also recommend homeowners check building’s gutters and downspouts to ensure that debris is not clogging thereby forcing water to back up into the roof and other areas. This can cause damage to the structure. In short, by trimming trees and keeping debris away from building structure, homeowners can avoid costly repairs.

2. Regular Roof Inspections:

Passing Home Inspections

Our team also recommends regular roof inspections for good residential roof maintenance. We recommend periodic inspections to make sure the roof stays maintained. An inspection will also show any weaknesses like cracks, cuts or damages. We install a lot of shingled roofs. For shingled roofs, we highly recommend checking for missing shingles. For metal roofs, we advise to keep an eye out for dents and rust marks.

3. Standing Water Is Bad:

Emergency Exceptions

Standing water anywhere is bad for any building structure. This is especially true for roofs. Stagnant water standing anywhere on a roof is a red flag. Prolonged water beds on top of your roof can lead to soft spot and other moisture damage which will ultimately lead to costly repairs. Sometimes even a complete replacement is necessary simply because of standing water damage caused to the roof.

4. Be Proactive:

Preventive Measures

Another tip for residential roof maintenance is to be proactive. Proactive homeowners save a lot more money than those homeowners who just react to issues and fail to take preventive measures. A well maintained roof also survives extreme Michigan weather much better than a less maintained one. A roof that is not well maintained is bound to have leaks, cracks and deteriorating roofing materials. This will end up costing the homeowners a lot of money in repairs or even replacement.

5. Get Professional Help:

Winter Roof Replacement

Our final tip for homeowners looking into residential roof maintenance is to get professionals for any job. A well reputed, experience contractor knows what he or she is doing. They can give a deeper assessment of the roof condition. They will also be able to do a better job of repair or replacement than a do-it-yourself job. We highly recommend going this route.

We’re Here For All Your Maintenance Issues!


We are certified and licensed roofing contractors. We have extensive experience with residential roof maintenance. We also have over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. Our reputation is important to us. We stand behind our services for the lifetime of the product, both labor and material. That is why we are #1 metro Detroit roofers. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out!

Roof Shingle Color And How To Pick Your Color: Guide by ASR

Roof Shingle Color

Roof Shingle Color:

In today’s post, our panel of experts here at American Standard Roofing advise on how to pick the right roof shingle color. The task might seem easy enough but various factors go in deciding the right roof shingle color.

Color Guide

It’s Just a Color Right?

Well, true. But when replacing a roof, picking a roof shingle color can become quite a task. We have seen a variety of customers in our business.

Just Color

Needless to say, everyone has distinct taste and preferences. Consequently, this makes it harder for us, as expert, to weigh in on best roof shingle color. We don’t exactly have a one size fits all formula. What we do have however are some good tips for homeowners.

Observe Other Homes:


Our team recommends observing homes and neighborhoods with colors you have in mind. We also advise particularly noting different combinations of exterior facades such as trim, brick, stone and/or siding. Once homeowners have shortlisted the homes and neighborhoods they like, they can then shortlist. This will help in giving homeowners a real feel of what their home may look like.

Get Sample Shingles from Us!


Roof shingle color is very important. Our team advises that it is always best to get full size samples. This will show how the roof shingle color looks in person. Always get a full-size sample from the contractor as they have those. Our team highly recommends not to make a final shingle color selection from manufacturer sales brochures. They do not show the real colors and do not give a fair idea.

Available Colors:

Available Now

Our team explains that some colors may not be available in certain geographic areas. Homeowners should always contractors about availability. Roof shingle color can get very deceptive. We advise customers to look very closely at granules of the shingles. In addition, we also advise making sure you keep in mind the siding and other neighborhood home colors. You want your home to stand out, but only in a good way.

Check Previous Work from Contractor:

Sample Work

Finally, this is a big one. Once color preferences have been narrowed, homeowners should always ask contractors addresses of some homes where complete installs have been performed. It is good to take an idea. It’s worth the time to drive by and have a look. It is easy as well because most roofs can be viewed from the street. That should give a great idea how potential home would look like.

We Have You Covered!


We are certified and licensed roofing contractors. We have extensive experience with roof shingle colors. With over 36 years of experience in the industry, American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out.

Fall Savings: ASR Helps You Make the Most of Them!

Fall Savings

Fall Savings On Your Roof!

It’s fall. Before we know it the leaves will be turning orange and falling from the trees, the school buses will be rolling in, shorts will turn to pants, and the days will become shorter and the nights longer.

Get Your Inspection Done:


Have you had a chance to get your roof checked before the season changes? It’s important that as we prepare for winter, our roof is ready to hold strong and keep our house dry. Fall is an excellent time to have a professional roofing contractor visit your home. The leaves need to be removed from the gutters, ventilation needs to be checked, chimney flash needs to be leak-proof, shingles should all be in place and ready to do their job!

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!


Fall is the best time to invest in your new roof – the kids are off to school, the weather is cooling down and winter is around the corner. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Be proactive. Don’t wait for leaks and/or ventilation issues to show up before giving us a call.

We Are Offering Massive Savings on Your Roof!

asr logo

Hey, here’s an incentive to insure you got your home covered for the winter – American Standard Roofing is offering 750$ FALL SAVINGS on a new roof if you call us before Labor Day. Don’t hesitate. Don’t let a good offer pass you by. Remember your roof is the foundational protection for your family. It’s a priority for the comfort and safety of your home. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate. We Got You Covered!

Details Behind Roofing Installations: Our Process Insights

Details Behind Roofing Installations

Details Behind Roofing Installations:

It is easy to overlook details behind roofing installations. That said you can gather details behind roofing installation easily.  We always recommend roofing professionals for roof related tasks. This is because we have seen a big number of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects with bad outcomes. In this article, our team of experts here at American Standard Roofing go over details behind roofing installations. Our team advises that it is a good idea to know these details behind roofing installations because it is always good to be prepared when the contractors shows up at your doorstep.

The Steps


Details behind roofing installations are fairly easy to gather. Homeowners can always look up accredited and reputable websites for roof installation ideas and industry standard best practices.

However, in terms of practicality things are different. Unlike siding, it is pretty tough to get up on the roof. Consequently it is equally hard to closely inspect the shingles to make sure that they were installed properly. Therefore, it makes it all the more important to know your stuff. Do your homework properly. Ask the contractors questions up front. Asking questions will show that you know your details behind roofing installations. It will also help you assess the knowledge of the contractor you have hired.

Roofing Installation Guide:

Our team has arranged a list of steps which may help homeowners when learning about details behind roofing installations. These are as follows.

  1. Removal of existing roof and servicing of the deck.
  2. Installation of the proper ice guard and underlayment.
  3. Use of start shingles.
  4. Proper pattern of shingle installation and nailing.
  5. Replacement and installation of flashing.
  6. Valley construction.
  7. Proper ventilation.
  8. Use of hip and ridge cap.
  9. Clean up and haul away debris.

Additional Tips:


Lifetime Warranty

Quality install requires quality workmanship. Good quality product can not be installed properly unless contractors have experience. All manufacturers have instructions for their product listed and it is the contractors responsibility to install that product according to manufacturer’s installation requirements. When going over details behind roofing installations, it is a must to make sure you hire capable contractors.

Always Check Sample/Specimen Work:

Sample Work Done

Every once in a while, you may even find that the roofer has a great idea that will actually benefit you or save some money. But that said, never accept someones word alone. Always try and ask for sample roofing the contractor has done in the past. This will help you decide if you wan to hire the particular contractor.

Take Your Time:

Lifespan of Your Roof

You never want to rush any home improvement project. Take your time. Let it take longer if it needs to be. It is still much better than dealing with a sloppy installation. But, always keep in mind that leaving your home exposed to natural elements can have drawbacks as well. Leaving the roof vulnerable and full of tarps may be okay for a day or two, not for weeks. Our recommendation is to hire a company that is capable of completing the work within a day. This will limit your liabilities.

Clean-up is a Must:

Clean up

We have seen our fair share of messy jobs. It is safe to say that it shows a greater level of professionalism if the crew picks up after them. The best way to find out if potential contractor cleans up afterwards to see check reviews. Talk to previous customers for that contractors. This will give a fair idea of what to expect.

Contact Professional Roofers:

ASR Logo

Finally, next recommended step is to contact professional roofers. Request quotes from multiple contractors for your best bang for the buck. You may turn out to be pleasantly surprised at the price some professional contractors may quote you. Professional contractors have great relationships with suppliers and a strong referral base that helps keep their costs low. They offer competitive pricing. That also helps reduce some of the financial stress that accompanies emergency home improvements.

We’re Here For All Your Needs!

We are certified and licensed roofing contractors, with over 36 years of experience in the industry. American Standard Roofing stands behind it’s work. Our reputation is important to us. We believe in never sacrificing quality for easy profits. We also stand behind our services for the lifetime of the product ,both labor and material. This is something not common-practice in this industry. Give us a call today at (248) 350-2323 to see how we can help you out.

Roofs: Cheaper Option is not Usually the Best Option


Roofs: Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

There are things you can do cheap and things you can not. When it comes to re-doing your roof, the cheaper option is usually not the best and will most likely end up costing you more in the long run.

List of Things to Look Out For:

Residential Roofing Checklist

If you were offered a quote for a roof way below those of others, it’s usually a sign that this is not a professional company. Here are some things you can ask to be sure you are covered.

  1. Will they pay for the dump?
  2. Do they have a service department?
  3. Do they have an office where they answer phone calls and have a professional representation?
  4. Does the company offer a warranty on their work?
  5. How long have they been in business?
  6. Do they pull a permit for the job? (if the answer is no, this is a huge danger sign!)


Beware of roofers who work out of the back of their pick-up trucks. Some handy-type guys cruising around looking to make a quick buck. This will only be at your expense! With such a big and important project you must be sure you are hiring a company that is reliable, responsible and professional.

Trust us!

Building Trust

We get it, you want the best deal without forgoing the best quality. You roof is not something you wear out to dinner or around town so it can be hard to justify why to spend the extra money. Trust us, you will be so grateful you went with a licensed, insured, warranted professional roofing company. Having been in business for over 20 years, we have seen what comes around and goes around. Re-doing your roofs is something a homeowner should only have to invest in every 30 years, it should be your joy and ease. We want you to have a positive experience, instead of added stress.

We Have You Covered!


At American Standard Roofing we stand behind our jobs as we continue to back and warrantee all of the work we do. We are family, we got you covered!