Shingle Roofers, Certifications Need A Good Proofer

shingle roofers

When looking for the best quality shingle roofers,

you should employ the help of a really good proofer,

to verify everything that they say, and to measure it with a ruler,

because you want a contractor that you can call super,

not someone that doesn't even show up, just the local boozer, 

or a petty thief that has been classified as a looter,

gone to jail several times because they were named as the shooter, 

all around society deems them as a loser,

low riding around town in their hoopty cruiser,

overcompensating with attitude because there ego needs a booster,

only living for today, absolutely no plan for the future,

watching them install that roof, you will break Youtube with the blooper,

in another life and career they could have been a good butcher,

when they cut off their hand they are going to need more then a suture,

you wont want to live in the house anymore, better hire a mover,

like a rabid dog you will want them put down or neutered,

need some time to mature, to turn that shingle a darker shade then pewter,

you are left feeling punch drunk, in a haze and a stupor,

this disease ridden trade makes you feel like you have a tumor, 

they should have stayed after school, sought the help of a tutor, 

learn some typing skills, how to turn on a computer,

this portion of your life will soon be forgotten, no need for a movie producer. 


Tamko Shingle Reviews, figuring out who’s who

Tamko Shingle Reviews

Reading up on Tamko shingle reviews,

trying to pick the perfect roof, to figure out exactly who's who,

all this research has you singing the blues, 

all of these roofing salesman look like they lives in zoos,

head is pounding, feels likes someone is tightening the screws,

hard to pick a reputable contractor, cant seem to choose,

this is going to call for a fair amount of booze,

like Carmen Sandiego you are stuck searching for clues,

Every company keeps calling trying to woo,

my hard earned money I sure hope they don't try to chew,

and spit out with poor quality work, making me say boo hoo,

I need a certified team, with top quality crews,

after all of this work I am going to need to take a cruise,

or go to church and pray on the pews,

these shingle colors come in to many skews,

soon they will be asking me to pick them in twos,

feels like I am wearing two left shoes,

like one of them is going to leave the job with a big pile of poo,

two months is to long to wait in their ques,

they need to bring a generator so they don't blow a fuse,

and to be honest as I don't want a ruse,

give it to me straight, not like I am an animal that moos,

get me angry and my face will change hues,

because if you don't pick a good reviewed shingle everyone shall hear in the news,

about the quality and satisfaction so that you can pay your dues, 

because this is what holds society together, that call it the glue,

make sure to keep me happy or my business you will loose. 

Best Shingle Color, Oh Mother…


You have asked me for the best shingle color, 

all that I can say to you is "Oh mother...",

we are good friends, I think of you as a brother,

and it does not matter how we we know each other,

because your wife she will smother,

my face as if caught with another lover,

all certainty she will make sure to cover,

with doubt and regret, as if I know the best shingle color,

I feign to be color blind in order to save my own behind,

happy wife, happy life is all that is on my mind,

if asked, deep in my heart that is all you will find,

devotion and faith, respect of her opinion no matter how it grinds,

for a roof you will look at once and make sure it is aligned,

then to forget about it and all of its kind,

siding, gutters, insulation and such,

the home improvement bug has you deep in its clutch,

you ending up spending too much,

and now you are forced to live in a hutch,

a shell, a broken room because your house is on a crutch,

best to just leave the country and become a Dutch.

Architectural Shingles Make The Neighbors Want To Mingle

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles that make the neighbors want to mingle,

especially handy if you happen to be single,

no one likes that one house on the block,

that looks like it has been beat with a rock,

a hammer, a brick, beaten hard with an ugly stick,

roof falling off and siding on the grass,

they try to put it up for sale, but all buyers they do pass,

property values are now sinking,

right before your eyes that sweat equity is slowly leaking,

escaping from the palms of your hands,

like water it will somehow find that dry land,

and cause it to erode, no matter how fast or slow,

because deep down everyone seems to know,

That it is not money stopping you from making those necessary repairs,

but pure sloth and laziness, qualities never to be combined in pairs,

so take the stairs, take a ladder, get up and change out that roof,

before the neighbors burn down your house, away it goes with a poof. 

A New Roofing Solution To Your Woes

a new roofing

You are looking for a new roofing solution,

you are serious about this, there is no time for goofing,

around, because the outside has found its way in,

to your living, bedroom, kitchen, and basement,

flooded and wet you spend your days and nights,

hiding from the issue you stick your head under a pillow in spite,

of the constant reminders, the fish swimming around,

in your living room, bedroom room, kitchen, and basement they can be found,

if they aren't paying rent they just don't belong,

inside your home so lets throw them on the lawn,

and repair that leaky roof that has caused you such a sharp pain in the posterior,

because then we can start to fix the damages on the interior.

Building a powerful team that is self sufficient

team building

Most people understand the importance of building a good team in business. There are companies that take full advantage of this that throw weekend team building retreats and other such events. It is important to have a strong leader to follow, but without a sense of unity and comradery you will not get the kind of loyalty that truly makes good companies great. You want to create a company first mindset with employees that are comfortable and close with each other. Not that you want them to socialize all day, but it is much better than the alternative of arguing and fighting all day instead.

Ideally, you will be able to hire a team based off of specific personality profiles that you are looking for. This process begins by accurately judging yourself, as you are not impartial if you do not at least have a basic understanding of your own predilections and the implications that they have. Staying objective is important as you are not looking to hire individuals that you have a personal affinity for. In fact, the best hires are sometimes of people that you absolutely hate. Keep in mind that the end goal is not to have to interact with these people everyday.

Many times, business owners simply create jobs for themselves by refusing to delegate tasks. In building a strong team, you ideally want to have employees capable of doing everything that you are on a daily basis, if not better then you can, then at least close to it. The more that you are able to accomplish this goal the more time you will have to focus on other activities to potentially grow your business. It is easy to forget the big picture ideas when you are getting bogged down and stressed out with more menial tasks. Even though it may be psychologically satisfying having people ask for your help all day, it is definitely not an ideal long term solution.

Taking a step back after you have assembled the right group can be a little anxiety ridden but given enough time, amazing things can happen. They will come up with solutions that you would have never thought of, and you get to see the social dynamics evolve as everyone becomes more accustomed to working together. In no way is this an excuse to not stay observant, as it is very important to make small adjustments every once in a while. Sometimes, you will have to make tough decisions, such as replacing a certain individual that is causing too much disruption for the team. Ultimately though, you want to create a "organism" capable of self governing and improvement. This is how you take your business to the next level, this is how you build an actual corporate culture.


Controlling the insatiable desire for more business


This is America, and we have all been raised to firmly believe that more is better, bigger is better. The problem is that this is not always the case in life, and more "money" often leads to more problems. Blind motivation can drive us to accomplish monumental tasks, but it can also lead us into dangerous territory. It is important to learn to control this ambition and to appreciate the core business that provides the rest of the company with its stable foundation.

Most industries are fiercely competitive, and it is typically only the strongest that survive. The most savage individuals and companies brutalize their competition and end up dominating utilizing their superior willpower and determination. A necessary attribute in certain circumstances, but like anything else when it is over utilized it turns into something resembling a disease. This chronic behavior will cause a business to constantly seek to grow, to constantly keep changing, to constantly attempt to crush other businesses even when they pose absolutely no threat. It is not always necessary to grow, especially when you have built a strong customer base that is more than capable of providing enough revenue through repeat business and referrals. 

Organizations tend to become top heavy when they go public and/or receive sudden influxes of cash. They will move towards some grand vision and try to forget about their more humble beginnings. Many times, this evolution comes prematurely, before they have really mastered their initial domain. You can spend entire lifetime working towards perfecting your customer service as it is a very complex and ever changing arena. To stay relevant, you have to keep looking for new and innovative ways to interact with your clients, to better serve their every need. Growing or adding additional services does not necessarily accomplish this task, and is often counterproductive. Life has become confusing enough, simplicity is often a welcome haven.

Everyone is pressured to move quicker and to be more flexible in modern times. The world moves a lot quicker, and we are not biologically equipped to deal with this fact. We are left feeling insecure and therefore overcompensate by engaging in repetitive behavior without analyzing what we are really doing. It is much easier to simply continue growing a business like we always have before rather than truly question why we are even doing it. The more we interact with machines, the more we end up thinking like them. Unfortunately, not all of us are or will be able to program ourselves accordingly.


Getting out of our own way: One of the biggest problems in business


Whether it is ego that is the ultimate cause, or just a general human flaw, it seems that we can be our own worst enemies in business. Life is truly amazing; over all of these countless years it has managed to thrive without any assistance from us. It will also continue to do so long after we are all gone. Even though this is hard to comprehend, let alone truly accept, we must remind ourselves of this fact every once in a while. Things have a way of working themselves out naturally, if and when we allow them to actually do so.

It is good to be aggressive to an extent; to be driven, motivated, and a hard working individual. The problem is when these factors blind us from our immediate environment, when they cause us to miss the simple facts sitting right in front of our noses. We tend to get so caught up in the daily hustle, in that non stop grind, that we no longer pick up clear signals that we need to adjust our behavior or thinking. This effect can be quite disastrous if not properly addressed in time.  

It is easy enough to talk about this problem, harder to recognize when we are doing it ourselves, but to learn to overcome it is another thing all together. Tackling the issue from a business perspective, opposed to the endless philosophical conundrums that arise when addressed on a personal level, it all comes down to the implementation of a routine. Anything you want to accomplish is completely dependent on becoming a standardized practice, incorporated into the daily process of your business life. With that being said, now comes the challenge of taking an abstract issue, that is both hard to define or recognize, and turning it into an actionable game plan.

This task requires a nearly meditative mindset, you need to learn to disassociate for a minute and go "meta" In other words, take a step back and look at what you are doing from another perspective. Do not ignore everything that happened that day and go to a "happy" place. Analyze everything with a focused and open mind, let any unconscious thoughts bubble up that have been quietly eating away at you. Maybe you didn't handle a sales to the best of your abilities, and it would be worthwhile to think of alternative scenarios that would be more likely to conclude in a sale. Going even further along these lines, maybe it is time to dig up some old sales training that you have previously studied and to start implementing it into your presentation again. Or maybe you haven't realized how irritated you have been, for whatever reason, and need to keep a better eye on your mood so that you do not cause any issues with your employees morale.

Set aside a designated 30 minutes to explore these, and any other, constructive ideas that come to mind. If you feel completely blocked, say for instance the only thing you can think of is a TV show or some stupid song that got stuck in your head, don't stress out about it. Getting frustrated is most likely just going to be counter productive, unless you are one of those people that thrive off of this energy. Do something that you really enjoy instead, whatever that may be. It is sometimes the little things that truly make us appreciate being alive, and if you are lucky they can even make you realize how inconsequential all of these seemingly gigantic problems of yours actually are. 

Residential Roof Repair, Finding Someone To Actually Care

Residential Roof Repair

Residential Roof Repair, Finding Someone To Actually Care,

A task many think is simple, my feelings they need not spare,

Bitter tasting, the opposite of a sweet pear, 

walking into the dragons lair, feeling stuck at a desk without a chair,

all you want is a contractor that is fair,

when you enjoy the work that they've done, their praise you will blare,

out to you friends, family, and coworkers you will share,

because your heart no longer suffers from that tear,

you once again will be able to take a deep breath of air,

a good nights sleep will no longer be but a dare,

no more suffering from a lose of hair,

looking so bald, like you used some Nair,

Now you can actually relax, a time so rare,

that look of shame and grief, you no longer need to wear,

Gone are all the negative feelings, all that despair,

you finally found a roofing contractor to take care of that repair.

So Many Companies Just Standing Aloof, When Financing New Roof


So desperately looking for financing on that new roof,

I call, and call these companies that all stand there so aloof,

It is not my fault the economy took a hit,

It is not my fault that foreclosed home was a total money pit,

There is not time to sit, I've got water coming into my house,

what is supposed to stay outside is now in, and it is angering my spouse,

Divorce is not an option as we have made a vow for life,

if I burn this place to the ground maybe it will end all of this strife,

All I want is a loan, one company to take a chance,

To work hard to get me some money, to get me financed,

But everyone laughs and points, so eager to judge,

if they were standing at the edge of a cliff I would nudge,

I promise I will pay if someone would just have a little trust,

That repossessed car was nothing but a bust,

A one time occurrence, it will never happen again

If only my credit score would stop scaring away any potential financial friend,

I want a roofer to fight for me, to pull some strings at the bank,

Someone to give me a green light, and approval, something substantial and not a prank.

Financing new roof can feel like one big spoof.