The Roofing Repair Contractor

The rains pour down but I am kept warm inside
The blazing summer heat does not scorch my thirsty skin
The winds, the snow, and the hail the storms assail
However I feel strongly secure…
In the knowledge that I am sheltered.

Sheltered from uncertainties and eventualities
Covered because I have created a fortress
My fortress, my tabernacle, my sanctuary
I am not afraid or perturbed…
I have confidence in the knowledge that I am sheltered.

Fancy window are pretty. They give your home personality
Hardwood floors are also great. They exude opulence
But a great roof makes all the difference
It keeps everything secure and sheltered
That is why I called the best roofing repair contractor.

The Leaky Roof

The little girl knew more than her pop
“This leaking roof – it has to stop!”
So, she went to the house phone
One day, when she was alone
And got a great quote from a roof repair shop

Then she played and had fun
As a girl ought to do
She even ate lunch
And a snack or two

Then she went to the window
Her daddy to watch
For he sometimes came home
At 6 or 7 o’clock

She was anxious to tell him
The deed she had done
She would later explain
How she also had fun

Putting buckets and pails
Where the rain was coming in
Then running around them
Again and again

Yes, she weaved through the maze
They created through their home
She did all of this
One day, when she was alone

Not only did she do this
She did it with great zeal
She had called all her friends
And talked their ears off, for real

Then this very same girl
Had looked up to the ceiling
Because while she played
She just had this funny feeling

And sure enough, as the moon follows sun
There were creatures on the roof
Watching all that she’d done
There were squirrels and raccoons
There was even a mouse
They watched her because
You could see into the house

This was because of the holes in the top
That is why she arose that day wanting it to stop
She was one weary girl of pails, buckets and mops
So her daddy approved and he called the roofing service shop

Well, I have to tell you
This tale has a great end
It may be 15 years before they need these services again

Roof Money

Roof Financing

Sometimes trouble comes when your pockets are bare
For many emergencies this will cause despair
Yet, some roofing specialists are able you see
To finance their services – no they can’t do it for free

Roofing financing is the next best thing
These companies help you and put your headache to rest
They go to work on your behalf
And finance it for you, you do the Math

Once your home is repaired and alright
You don’t have to hide and run in the night
For you will pay over time, you will get time to pay
You will have some time to pay and get things right

In the meantime your home doesn’t have to be off
With a badly damaged roof, or one that’s torn off
You can get roofing financing
And have your roof repaired
Call the best experts, for they truly care

They know when the wind blows, when the storms come along
You can find your rooftop damaged or gone
And you can not sleep or rest well at night
If your roof is torn and ripped and a fright

There was an old woman, she didn’t live in a shoe
She lived in a house, and the roof needed care
When she saw the damage, it was both here and there

She sighed and fretted, but not for long
Her roof was repaired and financed for a song
Once it was done, she had total peace
Not only was it done and financed, she wasn’t fleeced

Home Roofing

“My home it stands in great disrepair
The roof is the worst part, we can feel the night air.”
The woman was a bit troubled no doubt
She was troubled within and bothered without

For she did not want a leaky house
That could let in the rain, dirt and a mouse
For of all she was frightened and terribly worried
She called a roof repair contractor in a hurry

When she did she was glad that she’d made the call
In fact, when they knocked on the door she almost took a fall
For she hurried to open the doors for them
She was as fit as a fiddle, but clumsy to the brim

However, she was not a bit bothered you see
Not when she looked and saw who it did “be”
It was the most experienced team
They worked together like a real dream

She had her roof very soon repaired
When she did this, she was very aware
That they were pros and very top notch
She knew they had what some hadn’t a lot

In her heart she knew this much
Many brag and hold titles and such

But if your roof is gaping with holes and gaps
It’s not time for you to take a nap
What you should do instead, is not have any dread
And find good home roofing experts real fast

Local Roofer

“I need a local roofer,” he cried
“Not one in Alaska
If I wait too long to get the work done
The roof and house will be a disaster”

He was sure that he could find
Recommendations from someone
If he did, his work would be done
He would then sit and wait
For their miracle repair
In fact, he was sure, they’d abandon despair

He asked the neighbor on the left
He then asked the one on the right
It was to his delight
They both recommended the same guy

The local roofer arrived ready to work
He was very professional
Didn’t act like a jerk
His co-workers also, were local and skilled
The roof in short order, looked as new as fresh built

The local company was known to be top tier
They were known as experts whose customers had nothing to fear
They were the local roofer company
Trained and professional all the way
And though it is fifteen years later
The repairs are intact today

A Roof Is All You Need

A roof over your head
is all you need,
but when it’s leaking instead,
there’s only one way to proceed.
For a roof repair,
you need a professional with a plan,
to keep out the elements and humid air,
someone who will truly understand.
A tarp won’t do,
it’s not something to ignore,
eventually the ceiling will cave too,
and cost you a whole lot more.
You can’t hand your castle over to just anyone,
your safety and security is a must,
so when a roof repair job needs to be done,
it’s important to find an expert you can trust.
Someone with experience and skill,
who knows the job well,
who gets the job done when he says he will,
and who respects the home in which you dwell.
If you find yourself with a missing shingle or two,
or an entire tree on your roof,
there’s only one thing that you can do,
call a roofing repair contractor, but ask for proof!
When it’s the roof over your head,
you can never be too picky,
when you’ve got rain falling on your bed,
the repair can be a little tricky.
Don’t invite just anyone into your home,
make sure that the person you find,
is someone who is well-known,
and considerate of your needs and time.
Whether it’s a damaging storm,
age, or a decision to update,
the right professional will keep your house dry and warm,
you can rely on what they create.
Next time you hear a creak or crack,
or damage with roof as a factor,
there’s a place to call to get your castle back,
roofing repair contractors.

The Best Roofer

The city held a contest, a competition you see

In it there were many people who were filled with glee

“Who, oh who, oh who will it be?

The best roofer – in this marvelous city?”


The answer was of quite an interesting sort

For there were many with websites that had colors and more

Some had customer service reps, whose voices had been professionally prepped

A few had dancers, who twirled and spun

There were even some who gave away gum


But amongst the whole lot was a stand-out group

They were not very fancy, loud or all blinged

For they knew well a very significant thing


And they showed their skill in demos at the spot

And they were roof repair contractors, the whole lot

There wasn’t a demo roof they couldn’t repair

For they knew their profession like hairdressers know hair


They knew about weather and other aspects

Which could cause a home’s roof to become a train wreck

They knew how to spot troubles before they became big

They even knew how to walk a roof and do jigs


They had colored shingles, applied them with no flaw

They did underlayment roofing on sloped roofs

They were local roofers, they were simply the best

Out of all roofers present, they alone passed every test


Even the way that they cleaned up after themselves

Impressed the beholders, judges and media reps

Also, quite impressive was their methods of prep

In addition, they had impeccable service with a smile

This group truly went the extra mile


So the mayor, he took his speckles off

Then he announced the winners with a cough

Then he handed the trophy with a handshake and nod

And said, “They must have learned to do this from God.”


Roofing Software for Your Roofing Services Business

There are many aspects of a roofing business that need to be taken care of. Scheduling, billing and marketing are only a few of the areas that you need to handle, and if you are not particularly fond of some of them you can easily become stressed and discouraged. Before becoming overwhelmed you can consider investing in a roofing software which can greatly increase your efficiencies and greatly reduce your cost, stress and confusion.

There are many advantages that come with the utilization of a roofing software. Some of them include: reducing your costs, allowing you to make more money by optimizing your business and maximizing your revenues, building a satisfying, happy and encouraging work environment, reducing stress and giving you control and freedom at the same time.

Service Autopilot is an example of a roofing software that will allow you to accomplish all the benefits mentioned above. It is a roofing service software designed exclusively for roofing companies that offer services to both residential and commercial constructions.  Some of the features that make the product unique include:

  • Scheduling and task management option, which helps you handle work orders, agendas, company calendars, and routing
  • Client and lead management feature offering full customer relationship management, document storage and contracts
  • Estimates and quotes feature with an advanced engine allowing the customization of customer quotes
  • Time tracking feature which allows you to easily follow on site company time
  • Mobile version letting you perform a variety of tasks from the field including accessing clients’ information, schedules, receiving payments, etc.

The key to making your business more efficient is to be able to have a system that automates as many of your processes as possible. This will also allow for less mistakes and greater accuracy. In order for your company to operate at its utmost, you want to make sure that there is no redundancy and all of your data is stored and used in an efficient way.

The customizability of a particular software is of great importance because it allows you to design it according to your needs and make it function the way you prefer. For example, Service Autopilot is 100% customizable and you can have specific design for roofing maintenance estimates, while having a completely different design for your roofing installation quotes.

In addition, Service Autopilot also has a number of built in marketing functionalities as well as a customizable quoting system allowing you to estimate rather complex quotes only based on provided sq. ft. and production rates. The great added benefit to this feature is that you can turn an estimated quote into an invoice with the click of a button.

When all of the work is done, Service Autopilot will help you handle the billing and receiving of payments as well as keeping up with outstanding client balances.

The benefits mentioned above are definitely worth the investment in a roofing software and if you are serious about optimizing and making your business more efficient, you should consider choosing an appropriate software that will help you reach your specific goals.

Smore Roofing Underlayment

When she and the kids
Were finished their S’mores
She sent them away
To complete their chores

As for her, the job that she had to do
Was to find roof repair contractors
And she couldn’t decide who

As she paced the floor
She had a sudden thought
She recalled the flyer or brochure
She had recently got

So she looked in the cabinets
Then she checked out the shelf
She was almost totally beside herself

When she found her flyer, on the refrigerator door
“Come quickly,” she told them, and not very much more

She discussed the problems with her shingles up top
“They are rotting and falling, and simply won’t stop”

The team came along, happy to put her worries to rest
All they ever brought to a customer was their best

They did shingle underlayment
Which reminded her of ‘Smores
For it was a sheet material between two parts of the roof
It was between the roof deck and roof covering
It was almost damage proof

With a tilt of their hats
And a twirl of their pens
They told her these words
“You won’t need us again.”

With the quickest of exits
They left the grand home
Then they had some cuisine with edible foam

Repair My Roof

Ruthie Ann needed roof repair
She looked for her husband, but he was not there
She figured she’d go look in the phone book
She couldn’t find it, no matter how hard she looked

So, she asked her toddler, did she perhaps know
A roof repair expert that knew what to do

Her daughter replied, “No momma,” and sniffed
Saying “no” was her common word gift

But when she asked her, “Where’s mommy’s cell phone?”
The little one knew, she knew it alone
She pointed to cushions on the couch
Her mother kneeled, and then she crouched

And sure enough found her cell phone
Looked up roof repair contractor, and that alone
After a call, thirty minutes and that alone
An expert came, bringing tools and expertise
He walked beside her, quiet as a thief

She showed him the holes, the missing shingles and all
She was glad right away that she’d made that call
To work he went, cleaning and earning every cent
His bill, when he was all due
Was to the housewife a dream come true

All of her troubles with leaks and drafts
Was over and done, big difference before and aft
So, her husband came home and she told him what she’d done
He gave her high five and said he’d had fun

Because he knew he could trust her
To find just the right ones
And that they would take care of things
And have it over and done

So, their roof was fine
And the neighbors turned green
They needed repairs too
You know what I mean

So referrals they gave, testimonies too
Professionals well certified, licensed and great
Perhaps the very best in the whole state
They were both best price roofing and best value roofing