American Standard Roofing: What it means to be an industry leader

With great success comes great responsiblity

We are very pleased that we have been regarded as the 2014 best roofing company in Michigan based on several qualifiers including business practices and customer satisfaction. These are two things that are most important to us moving forward at American Standard Roofing, as we recognize the perils of growing exponentially. Every day we analyze our customer satisfaction index and have recently partnered with a third party company that gives us independent audit and surveys so that we can get a clear view of how are customers are really feeling. Maintaining this objectivity is very important as we often build a strong relationship or, even friendship, with our customers and often they do not want to say anything to hurt our feelings. Thus, we needed someone that they could be completely honest with so that we could make sure all those top rated roofing reviews we keep seeing pop up are coming from the right place. Compliments are great but what we really strive to do is secure the business of all of our customers associates and family members. That is the greatest compliment that anyone can give us, trusting us to take care of those they care for. 

As far as improving our business practices go, it is something we constantly work on and struggle with. We would never lie to you about it, this is not an easy thing to do. We have to balance that fine line recognizing that we are a business and depend on the profits that we make to support our families. However, if you lose focus of what really matters and try to accumulate as much profit as quickly as possible you will in time lose everyone that made you successful in the first place. With this in mind we have tried to simplify our philosophy and procedures as much as possible. We always keep our finger on the pulse in the market to stay aware of what our competition is doing, how they are pricing, any new products released by the roofing manufacturers, and any potential issues with existing products that may effect our customer base. Because we are one of the highest volume roofing companies in Michigan we are able to negotiate deals with the suppliers that no one else can touch. This allows us to offer our customers pricing well below industry standards because the way we see it, this is a necessity purchase not something most people really want to do. Therefore, it is important that we are offering affordable roofing materials at the highest quality possible, we save you the hassle of the "upsell".  

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Farmington Roofing: Michigan, What You Need To Know

Rated as one of nations top places to live

Surrounded nearly completely by Farmington Hills, the city of Farmington and its 10,000+ residents give us a lot of roofing work every year. The business we get from gutters and siding is less extensive, but our experience working on the roofs of Farmington homes is bar none the most extensive in Michigan. Farmington has recently spent over $3 million dollars renovating the city and its building, improving the lives of its residents and the workforce in regards to contracting. The city of Farmington was founded in 1842 and still has a few of the older historic homes maintained and standing. With a median income of 56k annually this city can sure recognize a good deal when they see it and tend to get several roofing quotes before making a final decision. This is a good practice that should be taken up by any savvy consumer. We have found that our companies business model is very successful here because we pretend as if we were installing a new roof on our own homes. This allows us to honestly give an opinion that will guide homeowners towards an affordable product that is quality and long lasting. It is just a roof, an experience that most people equate to be about as pleasant as a root canal. No need to spend more money then you need to on it, as when and if you ever sell the property you will probably not recoup any additional money spent. 





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Digital Roofing Estimates: Can New Technology Help Change An Industry

Technology is helping to bring transparency to an often mistrusted profession

It is no big secret that roofers are an often mistrusted group of individuals, somewhere akin to used car salesmen. Everyone has heard at least on story about a roofing contractor that ends up exhorting a customer for more money once they start the job or even worse, walking away from a project half way through. Contractors are notorious for doing sub par work repeatedly and even stealing peoples down payment outright without doing a thing. Therefore, it is time we as an industry take some responsibility and are proactive in thinking about new ways we can regain our customers trust.

In today's day and age, information is everywhere and there is absolutely nothing left that cant be found somewhere online. The car industry has been revolutionized by this movement as people are now able to shop for ours on end looking for the best deal before they step foot into a dealership, industry leaders such as Autotrader leading the race here. There are all sorts of articles and websites specifically designed to help the customer negotiation the best deal possible. Review sights rate both the facilities and employees so that you know exactly what you are getting into and can prepare your battle plan up front.

The home improvement industry is still holding fast to the old school, wild west mentality where pricing is made up on the fly and salesman just try to get as much as they can for every job. I am amazed how many times we run into situations in which out customers have been just violated by our competition, spending hours on end listening to their pitch and suffering endless "discounts" to try and get them to sign the deal on the spot. I am here today to tell you that those days are almost over.

Review sites, such as Angies List, alone have helped stop some of these predatory practices. It is still surprising that anyone falls for it at all, but I guess if it wasn't effective no one would be using the hard sell. Everyone needs to now stick to their word and honor the contract to the best of their abilities. Back in the day it was rare for customers to actually here from each other regarding a roofing contractor unless they were very close personal friends. Even then, no matter how much they bitched and moaned, there are only a certain number of people that would hear you and it is most likely at a time when they honestly could care less. Now, customers are able to go online and here from everybody that has used the roofing company to see exactly what they are saying about them. That, and it is done instantly and conveniently, when it is of importance to you!

That brings us full circle back to the advent of these new technologies utilized by professional in the roofing industry. Yes, satellite imagery has been around for a while. However, it is not something widely adopted as of yet. Not that this is the end all be all answer to our woes, but it is just another piece to the puzzle. The roofing industry is moving forward and every new piece of technology that helps alleviate customer concerns while helping contractors better do their jobs is a blessing. All a customer need do is download Google Earth, read a simple article on how to measure a roof, and they can known exactly how much material should be needed to complete their project. This lets them know if they are being charged a fair price per square, or if the contractor is even capable of measuring the property correctly! This is the bare minimum that we recommend to any homeowner that is still cautious about hiring a roofer in Michigan. Feel free to take it further and start doing some net free air flow calculations to ensure you are getting the right ventilation. Personally, we feel that the more educated a customer the easier our jobs are.



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Atlas Roofing Shingles: Big Presence at Michigan 2015 Home Improvement Show


Michigan Atlas Shingle Contractor

Changing trends in Michigan roofing industry shingle preference

We love going to our local Michigan trade shows not because we are introduced to a bunch of new products, our building supply representatives do a pretty good job waving the latest and greatest in front of our faces every month. No, it is because we get to see the changing trends in the roofing industry and then analyze the motivations behind such changes. This year, Atlas Roofing had the strongest presence and this is something that literally came out of no where. Congratulations to them as it is not easy pushing out some of the big dogs like GAF. After seeing this change we went back to the shop and really starting doing some research to see if there was something that we missed. Last year we had sat down with the Atlas Roofing representative and were actually impressed with a couple features he presented to us. They had a really nice intuitive software program making it easy for customers to "redesign" their house while at an estimate. Everybody loves hearing about the Scotchguard product and its stain fighting abilities. Lastly, they are now touting a 40 year warranty, with up to 20 year labor and material warranty to boot. Quite the impressive package they put together, and by offering something that most roofing contractors are not confident enough to offer themselves they are capturing a lot of trade loyalty right now. Personally, we believe that every individual roofing contractor should stand behind his work personally as no one wants to try and contact the manufacturer if they have a leak in the future. Not only are they likely to refer you to the back of their "warranty" but even if they did intend on fixing the problem it would most likely take a long time to get the repair approved. That being said, we immediately pulled up the most current consumers report and took a second look at the Atlas shingle product, and we were pleasantly surprised. They rank much higher then in previous years across the board making us feel comfortable enough to recommend it as a viable material option for our customers. Is it the best option out there, no not yet, but if they keep making progress like they have recently they certainly are going to give Certainteed a run for their money eventually.  

Michigan Siding Contractor: The Year Ahead 2015

What we can expect to see in Michigan in regards to siding this coming year

We were recently at the Highland building department and got some interesting information that we thought we should share with the public. Everyone is well aware that last year was a historic event in which over 70% of the homes in certain cities were devastated by hail damage. This conversely means that there were a lot of new construction projections going on, tons of roofs and siding getting replaced. Well it so happens that most of the roofs got replaced last year, obviously because they are capable of causing greater damage if not handled quickly. That means that this year there is going to be a huge increase in siding work getting completed.

This is not necessarily the best thing for any remaining customers out there for a number of reasons. With more people busy working there are going to be less available to complete new work. If these guys have their whole year booked up front, and are getting paid the premium insurance rates, it is not likely that they will be able to find the time to take on additional projects. This means that pricing will increase huge, not only is labor going to be scarce but many of these jobs are fetching top dollar anyhow because of the lax oversight these insurance companies have when paying. If you do have an insurance claim, make sure to closely watch your siding contractor, looking out for several things. First, that they are fully licensed and insured. A lot of times because of the increased work load general contractors will hire in help from out of state which present themselves with falsified documents. Call to verify everything that you can here because nobody needs to deal with a lawsuit because of an oversight here. Also, make sure that they are actually installing the materials that they are contracted to install. Many times, they will assume no one will notice so switch out the higher end siding for something cheaper and thin. It is often hard to tell the difference installed so make sure to inspect the packaging as well.

Make your plans early this year. Don't try searching for a siding contractor half way through the summer as it will most likely be impossible. Get your quotes ASAP and contract with who you feel the most comfortable with immediately. Even if you don't want the install until later in the year, get on the schedule so you are not scrambling later. Often times when we feel pressured to get something done we wont always  make the best of decisions. Go check out one of your local building supply houses to see samples of all the different varieties of siding you can choose from. We have many options available on our website but it is a whole lot different to see them in person. Lastly, have fund with this project. Siding is a lot different than a roof as it is usually a want not a need. This means you can really go all out redesigning your house and adding some flare. It is going to be an expensive project so do your due diligence and take your time deciding the color combinations that will work best for you. 

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Roofing In Detroit: Contractors Working To Improve Our City One Roof At A Time

Roofing In Detroit: Contractors Working To Improve Our City One Roof At A Time

We have finally escaped from bankruptcy and are starting to rebuild, slowly but surely. Crime is down but people continue to move out of the city. Our mayor has done a great job coming up with new programs to try and attract a new demographic but they seem to be falling a little short. The problem is that Detroit is still stuck in the past in a lot of ways, which can make progress even more complicated moving forward. It was a great idea to auction off these vacant properties, a lot of people are now homeowners in Detroit that would have never considered the idea before. Yet, the support stopped after the sale leaving inexperienced buyers to fend for themselves when it came to completing the necessary home improvements. The face that some of these customers made when they heard how much a new roof cost was just priceless, "For that I could buy 10 houses!". They just didn't, and possibly still don't, know what it takes to bring these homes back up to a livable condition. There was no effort made to let them know up front, before they purchased some burnt out shell, that this is what you can expect to have to do to make it a livable home. These homes are mostly old even if they haven't been destroyed, which means they need a lot of updating.

We had the fortune to meet with some of these new Detroit citizens first because generally you start hiring a roofing contractor first. You could see the reality start to sink in, and through our follow up calls, to see if there was anything else that we could do to secure the roofing job, we found that many had decided to leave just leave the house the way it is and move on. Not exactly what we were hoping to see happen, but that's just the facts. We offer our customers free roof inspections and therefore recommend if you are looking to potentially purchase a new property call us out first so you can have a general idea what you are getting into. Had this been recommended to these new, probably short lived, Detroit residents it would have saved a whole lot of heart ache. As far as the Detroit building department goes, well that is a whole different story and something you really need to experience yourself. It seems that they would welcome anyone trying to invest money into the city, bending over backwards to accommodate. Unfortunately, this is far, far, far from the reality of the situation. It is truly unbelievable in comparison to other cities building departments and is no doubt responsible for a large majority of the problems people are having completing these home improvement projects.

Beautiful website though check it out below. Hopefully someone will read this with a little more political power that is capable of truly making a change here, the potential is unlimited.

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Roofing Companies in Michigan: To Work Through The Weather Or Call It Quits?

A truly difficult question to answer

This is a question that we are presented with all the time, from customer and other roofing contractors alike. We wish there was an easy answer here but it really comes down to preference more then anything. Lets face it, working in the cold sucks and lots of people just don't want to do it. That's fine as long as they have structured their business properly, planning for the lack of income throughout the winter months. This isn't an option for some crews and businesses and there are some that actually enjoy the weather.

When it comes to the logistics of roofing in colder weather, several extra precautions need to be taken. The compressors need to be calibrated correctly to start, snow shoveled off roofs which adds a lot of labor, and extra safety precautions need to be taken as it is very slippery in certain areas. The shingles will obviously take a lot longer to seal flat so we often get calls from customer complaining that their new roof looks bumpy. This is a common occurrence and rarely causes any issues. The last thing we take extra care to address is the cleanup as many times you just cant see the hidden little nails all over the place. To take care of this we simply plan to come back when it has warmed up to do a second sweep of the yard. Some of the advantages include driveway and landscaping protection. It is not all muddy so that makes it a lot easier to walk around the property, and because the ground is frozen solid it makes it much less likely that the delivery truck will break the driveway. In the summer time we have to be worried about the shingles getting to hot and scuffing, which is not a concern in the winter.

Every roofing contractor needs to make their own decision whether working in the winter is for them or not. It sounds very appealing to take the winter off and go down to Florida to relax on the beach. The problem we have with that is that we want to be there if our customers need us no matter when. God forbid they have in issue that last thing they want to hear is that the owner of some owner of one of the top roofing companies in Michigan is off drinking away the season, playing in the sand. We have a strong commitment to our service department and customer base which includes offering the less prestigious services such as gutter cleaning and snow removal. This is an important part of the roofing business as it shows that we are 100% focused on customer satisfaction. Lastly, lets face it, whether we like or or not unexpected things happen. This can include a roof leak at the worst of times, mid winter with two feet of snow on the ground. We take pride in being able to handle these type of problems when no one else is capable or willing. Our crews are as dedicated as we are and actually have learned to like the harsher conditions, to an extent. Keeping them well practiced and fed throughout the winter has been a great practice for our company. 





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Roofer: A Common Enough Term, But What Does It Mean To A Homeowner?

Roofer: A Common Definition

Roofer = a person who makes or repairs roofs. If only it was as simple as that definition, but unfortunately hiring a roofer is a lot more complex then that. Breaking it down to the ridiculous, what you are looking to do is hire a reputable contractor that is going to install the roofing material properly, quickly, safely and for an affordable price. To successfully accomplish this feat takes a little more work then most people are prepared for and this all starts with the initial estimate collection.

Lets get this party started

For whatever reason, you have decided it is time to get a new roof put on your house. Maybe it is because there are shingles flying off into the neighbors yard, or there is a waterfall leaking into the family dining room. Maybe you just noticed that the neighbors were getting it done and want to make sure that your house looks as good, if not better, then theirs! Time to do some due diligence and find a contractor that you want to hire. How to go about the hiring process is a completely different topic that will be brought up in a future article. For now we will just give you a few recommendations related to the actual roofing work getting completed. Focus first on how long they have been in business. Not to say that a new roofing company is going to 100% suck, but it is important to know that they will be there for you if you have any problems. Secondly, are they fully licensed and insured. The last thing you need is someone to fall off your roof ans sue you for everything that you have. Carefully check the materials that they are using, including the shingle, underlayment, iceguard, drip edge and even ventilation. A little research here will save you from getting an inferior quality product installed on your house. Lastly, trust your guy. Ask yourself: how was the presentation? Did the feel honest and knowledgeable? Do all the things they said match up to what I have learned about roofing and their company online?

These simple tips alone will help to ensure that you have a above average roofing experience. Again, always do your research and check the BBB, Angieslist, and any other review sites that you can to check up on the roofing contractor before you decide to hire them. 

Roofing Review Hiring Michigan"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."


Gutter Protection: Honest Opinion on Efficacy & Need

It is always going to be the least expensive option to just get off the couch yourself, take out the rusty old ladder, and scoop all the debris out of your gutter system every fall. But, lets face it, that is the last thing that you want to do. Most people look to gutter guard as if it is a solution to this problem, that they will never have to clean their gutters again. I am here today to tell you that this is not exactly the case. These products are great and will help you various different ways but they do still require some maintenance. If you do not ever want to clean the gutters yourself again then it is best to just hire someone else to do it and forego installing any preventative products. This is what we recommend for our elderly customers or anyone that physically should not be going up on a ladder. Now, if your yard is filled with tall trees you will definitely find a benefit installing gutter guard. We have been out to some houses that are so bad the customer was up there at least once a month cleaning out leaves and sticks. A quality product in this category will keep the debris from actually falling into the gutter, instead keeping it on a "screen" level with the top of the rest of the system so that it can easily blow away with the wind. This design works fairly good, except in a few instances. If the debris is to small, even if is just at a skinny edge like with those helicopter shaped leaves and seeds, they will go right through the screen hole or get stuck in it. Also, if the debris is to wet it will be to heavy to get blown away and can pile up pretty quickly at the edge, causing potential problems. If either of these situations occur, we have had great success simply using a hose to spray the gutter guard and clear the debris. Still a lot easier then actually scooping it all out but nonetheless it is something to consider before you make the investment into a gutter guard product.

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing your new gutter system, all of which you can explore by clicking here.

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