Siding adds much more than curb appeal

Siding adds much more than curb appeal

Siding has become a very popular choice for the exterior of both homes and sheds, and it’s not hard to see why.  New siding can add a pop of color to your home, make the exterior look new again and also offers a great maintenance free alternative to other options.

With aluminum or vinyl siding, you never have to worry about painting again.  Long lasting and durable, a quick spray down with the hose is all you need to make it look new again.

Siding will also add curb appeal to your home.  Not only will you enjoy pulling up in the driveway every day, but it will be appealing for potential buyers as well.

Having new siding installed is also the perfect time to add more insulation to your home.  The insulation will be placed on the exterior of your home, then will be completely covered up with the siding.  When your home is better insulated, you will lose less heating and cooling from inside, and it will lessen the drafts in your home.  This means you will have to spend less money on your energy bills each month.

If you are considering siding for your home or shed, American Standard Roofing can help.  With over 40 years in the business, their professional installers will complete the job efficiently and properly.  The high quality  siding thatwe use comes with a written warranty, and will last for years to come.  There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Warren, Michigan: $0 Down Roof Financing

No Money Down Roof Financing

This customer was ready to give up on ever fixing their home but we were able to provide them with new roof financing with no money out of pocket. Do business with professionals that are able to secure a home improvement loan for you today while the programs are still available.


Roof Financing Application

Most common areas that a roof may leak

Missing Shingles On The Roof

The Most Obvious Sign Of A Roofing Problem

Everyone knows that shingles are the first line of defense on your roof from water leaking in. Many times when a roof ages and it is time to get replaced you will notice several different things when you look at the shingles. You may notice missing shingles allowing the water to get underneath to the wood and then into your home. Discolored shingles that have lost the majority of their surface granulation are another spot that may be the source of the leak. When the shingles start to deteriorate you will see them start to curl up on the edges. What this means is that they are absorbing water and that it is only a short matter of time before they stop doing so leaving the water to find its way into the attic.

Worn Or Improperly Installed Valleys

A High Traffic Area That Tends To Wear Out First

The valley is the portion of the roof where two different sections meet. Many times an amateur installer will run the seam straight down the middle allowing water to more easily penetrate between the resulting seam. A professional roofing contractor should put the seam up a few inches in order to avoid this problem. Because the water flows towards the valley and thus this area is one of the highest traffic points it will show the most amount of wear and tear on the entire roof. This is another good reason to hire only experienced roofing companies to complete the job because they will go a step beyond the basics and underlay the valleys in ice and water shield as well. If this is done even when the valley wears through you will not experience any leaking. This is especially important when roofing in colder climates that experience extreme weather damage and heavy winters storms such as in Michigan.

Damaged And Poorly Installed Flashing

You Barrier Between Anything Connected To The Roof

The flashing is another very common area that residential roofing customers will experience leaking. It is a tougher area to properly install and many times smaller roofing companies simply skimp out or don’t have the skill set necessary to complete the job correctly. Look in areas such as around the chimney to see if you can spot any signs that the metal is separating from the brick. Other times the problem is less obvious and you may only notice a slight bulging around the effected area indicating the wood is actively absorbing water and deforming. A portion of the flashing will climb up the wall and the remainder is located underneath the shingle so pay attention to both of these places. There is also flashing around all vent pipes and skylights both of which leak extremely often. Make sure that when you get a new roof installed they are replacing all the existing flashing up there and not just reusing materials in order to save themselves a little money.

Westland, Michigan Exclusive $500 Discount Roof Grant

Westland, MI $500 off a new roof
Westland, MI $500 off a new roof


This is a great opportunity for you to take care of that roof that you have been holding off on. Applicant must be able to prove they are a current resident in the city using a drivers license or piece of mail. Grant discount is only applicable towards the purchase of a new roof. Simply click on the link below and enter the code WESTL500 in the comments section so that we can get you signed up for the program today. We are Michigan’s most trusted roofers for good reason so check out our reviews to find out exactly why.